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404 not found errors – how to spot dead pages on your website

You go to a website and you find a dead page.

It probably doesn’t impress you.

You may be thinking: that’s poor attention to detail.

Websites do sometimes have wobbles though.

One change can easily result in a website page no longer being visible, resulting in a 404 error page.

It couldn’t happen to you could it?

A1WebStats customers have a solution to spot those 404 error pages within their website visitors data.

In most cases it’s enough to build a 404 error page check into a monthly routine that would be looking at website visitors data over the previous month.

In other cases it may need to be more frequent.

We’ve seen people who created marketing campaigns (paid clicks) through to a page that didn’t exist because there was an error in the url they used.   Catching that sort of 404 page error early on would have saved them lots of wasted budget from those clicks.

The video below shows how to use A1WebStats to see if you have any 404 error pages, so that you can then rectify any problems …


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