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Website Problems Review – Accountants

Problems identified within the video

The video below focuses on four weaknesses that we identified within the accountants website.

Those are:

  1. Wasted screen estate (making people scroll unnecessarily).
  2. Use of stock photography.
  3. Lack of evidence of work done for clients – this is the biggest challenge and shared by many websites.
  4. Poor attention to detail from a business sector that needs to portray attention to detail.



Why we create these reviews

You may be thinking: why not tell that business that they have problems with their website, which they may appreciate knowing about?

We’ve been there and done that many times over the years and unfortunately, most of the advice falls on deaf ears.

Our view now is that if a business picks up that website weaknesses have been identified, then it’s free information for them to choose whether they act on it or not.

The main purpose of these reviews is to enable a wider range of people to absorb those website weaknesses and consider whether any of them apply to their own business.


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