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Why we don’t make bespoke changes for triallers

This may seem a bit unconstructive but it has to be said:

We no longer make changes/enhancements to the A1WebStats system for anyone that’s not a paying customer.

This is purely because we have had triallers in the past who have been interested in us making adaptations, which we have done, and then they don’t become paying customers.

Here’s how the dialogue typically goes:

Trialler: We’d really like it if it could do X.

Us: OK, it’d take resource this end to do it but it can be done.

Trialler: Great – that’s definitely something we’d want as part of being a paying customer.

We do the work to make the enhancement happen, and then get ghosted.

Not even polite responses about why they may not have continued with a subscription.

It’s happened a few times and so we’ll no longer spend development time in that way.

Naturally, for paying subscribers, we’re always receptive to feedback of changes that could be considered for the benefit of all, and will often implement them.

But for triallers: sorry, but no more.


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