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Why you should NOT pay to see the names of companies that have visited your website pages

Companies visiting your website

Did you know that you can see the names of companies that have visited your website?

Here’s an example …

a1webtats visiting companies example summary view April 2020

You can also see what each company looked at, as they moved through your website page by page.

a1webtats visiting companies example detail view April 2020

When you know which companies have been to your website, then you may want to reach out to some of those companies …

… especially those who didn’t make contact with you!


Why this matters

Knowing which companies have visited your website is better than not knowing.

Ideally, those companies would have contacted you.

A few may have done.

Most will not have made contact.

There may be many reasons for not making contact, which include:

  1. There wasn’t enough within your website to convince them that they should be contacting you (instead of your competitors).
  2. They may have been undertaking initial research and are not yet ready to make contact.
  3. Some of those companies may have been competitors, or businesses that want to sell to you.

When you see a company has been looking at your website, they may not yet be fully committed to the potential supplier of the services or products that they are interested in.

This gives you the opportunity to try and salvage something from their visit to your website – especially if your competitors aren’t tracking companies that go to their websites.

You won’t succeed in trying to follow up with all of them.

In fact, you may only manage to engage with a few of those companies.

What matters is that you know that someone from each company is interested in your types of services or products.  That makes it worth you investing resources in reaching out to people within each company.


See companies visiting your website, but don’t pay for it

If you take a free 30 day trial of A1WebStats, you’ll see the names of companies (where they can be identified) visiting your website.

You’ll get an email each day, showing you the company names, and you can then see what those companies looked at page by page.

That’s information for you to capitalise on – totally free for 30 days.

After 30 days we don’t want you to pay for it (although you can still see pricing here if you’re interested).

We want it to cost you nothing if you continue using our service.

We also want you to benefit in bigger ways that the A1WebStats system can help you – ways that help you get more enquiries from your website visitors.

The three magic words are:

Pass it on.


Pass it on

Your web developer/digital agency probably help you with amendments to your website.

They’d probably like you to spend more with them as well.

Here’s what to pass onto your web developer/agency, anytime during your free 30 day trial of A1WebStats:

Hi [their name here],

I’ve been trialling a system called A1WebStats, which is giving me information about companies that visit our website.

They’ve suggested that I contact you.

They say that if you white label their service, that gives you the option to give me continuing access to the service either for free (which would be nice), or for a modest fee.

They also say that the A1WebStats system will help to identify other opportunities for us to strengthen our website, which will gain us more enquiries from our website visitors.

They gave me this page to pass onto you:

That page explains how you can offer the A1WebStats service to many of your customers (including us), either free or at a very low monthly cost.  

It also explains how you utilise the A1WebStats data to identify ways that you can help us to gain more enquiries from our website visitors.

Here’s the best bit: A1WebStats let you have the white label setup totally free for 60 days and guarantee that within those 60 days you will have identified ways of covering their subscription cost.

Please let me know if this is going to be possible and I’ll connect you up with my contact at A1WebStats?


The bigger picture

Before Coronavirus, most businesses were not gaining enough enquiries from their website visitors.

It didn’t seem to matter so much pre-Coronavirus, with the whole subject of “how do we get more enquiries from our website visitors?” often seeming to be “something to do when there’s more time”.

That time is now because this is what’s happening for the foreseeable future:

  1. Less businesses/people will be buying, as they wrestle with their own financial challenges.
  2. Each potential supplier of products or services will need to fight harder to generate the enquiries needed to stay in business.
  3. Those that aren’t strong enough will fail.

Put simply, the economic impacts of Coronavirus mean that businesses have to work harder to get more of their website visitors to make contact with them.

The clever businesses are making plans to get better results from their website visitors.  The super-clever businesses take advantage of the no-strings free consultancy that we offer to highlight what needs to be done.

The not-so-clever businesses really do think that it will be ‘business as usual’ when things return to normal ‘after Coronavirus’.

Those not-so-clever businesses are in for a shock because they are the ostriches we describe on our page that compares the lion to the ostrich.

The great news is that a free trial of A1WebStats will to help you ensure that your business is in a far better position than your competitors.

Here’s how …


Three good reasons to sign up for your free 30 day A1WebStats trial

  1. You will see the names of companies that visited your website, and what they looked at page by page. Following up on companies of interest will lead to more business for you.
  2. We provide a free consultancy call during your free trial.  The outcome of that call will be tips and advice on how to make your website stronger.  Most will be simple actions (with high impact) that can be easily implemented.
  3. If you talk to your web developer/agency about our white label service and they take the free trial, it’ll benefit you, their other clients, and themselves (because the A1WebStats data will uncover opportunities to strengthen the websites of their clients, which ultimately benefits you).

All you need to do is complete your details on our getting started page.

If you have any questions at all, please do ask by using any of the methods on our contact page.

Thank you for reading.


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