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Why identifying and chasing companies that visited a website leads to LOST business for your clients and your agency

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The Problem

When your clients aren’t getting enough business, they can be enticed by distractions that won’t ultimately benefit them.

One damaging distraction is identifying companies that visited their website and then spending time chasing those companies.

Those distractions will eat their budget and time, and so also take business away from them, and you, the agency.

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The Solution

Agency skills are at the core of ensuring the prosperity of your current and potential clients.

White labelled A1WebStats is part of that solution, helping you to focus attention on the data that matters.

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The 3 ways agencies use white labelled A1WebStats

Agencies white label A1WebStats in three ways:

  1. To create stronger bonds with customers.
  2. To generate a pipeline of future customers.
  3. To gain more paid work from customers – creating a win win for everyone.

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Getting started with A1WebStats

You may want to dive fully into the free 30 days of white labelling A1WebStats or dip a toe in the water first and revisit it later.

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Questions that will likely be buzzing around your head as you read this page.

Yes, we know that costs beyond the free trial will be one of those questions, and it’s answered here.

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The Problem

You’ll get a lot more detail if you read this whole section but the alternative is to view our video below …

Many clients of agencies tend to see their agency as a supplier and not a partner.

A cost and not an investment.

We think that’s a shame, because it can lead to your clients going down a bad path that will lose them – and you – future business.

The Problem starts when your clients gain a magpie mentality, attracted by bright shiny things.

One of those bright shiny things is having the ability to see identifiable companies that visited the website of your client.

They get contacted by one of many of the suppliers of those services.  Here are just a few of those, all of which are competitors of us (A1WebStats):

  • Lead Forensics
  • Leadfeeder
  • Whoisvisiting
  • Albacross

Although A1WebStats also supply details of identifiable companies within our system, we offer a LOT more that is truly beneficial, including benefiting your agency.

In fact, unlike our competitors, we actively encourage businesses NOT to chase companies, but use our system more intelligently to gain more business. You can see that here:

Our competitors broadcast a message to your clients, which is effectively:

You need to see which companies visit your website … and then chase those companies to convert some of them into business.

Our competitors then encourage your clients to use their software to identify companies that have visited their website.

And that’s when your clients’ perception of “this is great” starts the process of them losing business, which we’ll go on to explain …

Bright shiny thing

Your clients get all excited when they see something like this, showing them businesses that have been to their website:

Companies Summary View

And they like it even more when they can see the detail of what a visiting company has looked at page by page …

A1WebStats company detailed view

Some software will show details of people who work for those companies (although that data is typically taken from sources such as LinkedIn and will rarely be the actual person who visited the website).

More importantly (from a GDPR perspective), it’s highly unlikely that those people gave permission for their details to be included within that software system (which does raise some questions about legality) …

Companies contacts view

So your clients may see it as an opportunity to then reach out to those companies, hoping to salvage something from a company that visited their website, but who didn’t make contact.

Unfortunately, if your clients get hooked on companies-chasing then they will ultimately be beaten by competitors who take a more intelligent viewpoint.

And that’s where the key problem is – most of those visiting companies chose NOT to make contact because there was something that didn’t resonate with them during their visit to the website.

Let’s look at this in more detail …


What’s happening in the real world

Whatever methods drive potential buyers to the websites of your clients, there is likely to come a time when those potential buyers choose to compare your clients to competitors of your clients.

Typically, they will use Google.

Here we take you through the path of a typical ‘potential customer’, having searched for something in Google, and what happens after that …


The search results

Here we’ve used the search phrase ‘plastic gears suppliers’, which brings up both paid and organic results in Google …

Plastic Gear Suppliers 1


They click on the first website (this will often be a paid advert)

Although the potential buyer may possibly be more selective about which search results they click on, they will more typically click on the results, from the top, moving down …

Plastic Gear Suppliers 2

They look through that website, but aren’t inspired enough to make contact.

Sooooo ….


They go back to the search results and click on the second website of interest

Plastic Gear Suppliers 3

They look through, but again aren’t inspired enough to make contact.


So they click on the next website that interests them

Plastic Gear Suppliers 4

They look through that website, but again aren’t inspired enough to make contact.


They carry on clicking …

They will carry on clicking through to websites until they have either found something that gives them enough reasons to make contact, or they will give up.

Plastic Gear Suppliers 5


What happens next

Of those websites that were visited, those businesses that have a mindset of ‘companies tracking/chasing’ and have software installed, will ALL see the details of the company that visited their website.  For example …

A1 detailed company view 2


And each of those companies (of which your client may be one) will take a view of:

“That company didn’t contact us – we’re going to try and reach out to them”

This results in a crazy activity of multiple companies (including your clients) chasing the same company that went to their websites.

In reality, the person from the visiting company, even if they could be tracked down, actively chose NOT to make contact with those companies, often because their websites had let them down.

So we end up in this ridiculous situation:

  1. Potential buyers have visited a website.
  2. The website hasn’t impressed them.
  3. The visited company puts resource into trying to reach out to them …
  4. … but doesn’t consider “surely it would be better if the company DID have enough reason to make contact with us?”
  5. Those companies (possibly including your clients) aren’t getting enough return on investment from their websites/marketing, which means they have less spending power to invest with you, their agency.


They all encourage the same thing

All those who sing the praises of identifying companies (who visited a website) are presenting similar data but in different formats.  Here are just a couple of examples …

Companies basic view 3

Companies basic view 2

They all want your clients to chase those companies.

NONE of them want your client to realise that many of their website visitors will be from ‘company people’ but they can’t be tracked by their software (typically, only 10-30% of website visitors can be identified as a company).

Most of them have differing views of those companies (all businesses in the ‘companies identification’ sector will have data that differs to each other).

NONE of them want your clients to focus on the key problem – the fact that companies, identifiable or not, CHOOSE not to make contact with them.

ALL of our competitors would be happy for your clients to spend money on them, even though your clients should really be spending more money on you, the agency, who can help them the most.


The upsides to companies tracking and chasing

There are, though, some upsides to your clients focusing on companies tracking and chasing …

  1. Keeping track of their own customers visiting their website makes a lot of sense. It allows them to consider why they were on their website and so they can reach out to them accordingly.
  2. Your clients can closely track a company that they are nurturing, to get quickly alerted when they return to their website.
  3. Watching out for competitors that visit a website can provide useful information.
  4. If others in their industry are NOT tracking companies (unlikely, but it does sometimes happen), then your clients can sometimes capitalise on reaching out to those who visited the website.

We do have some agencies that white label A1WebStats purely to allow their customers to see companies that go to their websites.  It’s not the definitive solution, but it’s what those agencies choose to do.


The downsides to companies tracking and chasing

Contrary to what our competitors would say, there are many downsides:

      1. Your clients are only picking up on the IDENTIFIABLE companies that visited their website.  Any business will see roughly 10-30% of all website visitors as being identifiable as companies.   The other 70-90% of visitors could include those from ‘company people’ but they can’t be identified as businesses.  Those unidentifiable visitors can’t be chased.  Only A1WebStats shows ALL visitors (identifiable or not) to a website.  Our competitors conveniently ignore the fact that numerous ‘company people’ will not be identifiable (by any system) but will have looked at pages of websites that imply interest.  The solution is to ensure that more visitors (identifiable or not) have plenty of reasons to make contact with your clients.
      2. The competitors of your clients are also likely to be tracking the same companies that also visited their websites.   This means that they will get chased by both your clients and their competitors.  The likelihood of success is slim.
      3. It’s really hard to find a route through to the actual person who visited your client website in the first place.  And even if that’s achieved, that person is likely to be disinterested, based on their experience on the website of your client.
      4. It doesn’t solve the key problem – the fact that either the website was unable to convert a visit to an enquiry, or off-target marketing brought the wrong types of people into the website.



The Solution

The ultimate solution is NOT to need to chase companies that visited, but instead to ensure that the website is strong enough to convert a visit into an enquiry/sale.

None of our competitors focus on this important factor.  A1WebStats is alone in encouraging agencies and their clients to focus on the bigger picture of what website visitors data unveils.

This is where your agency can help, assisted by white labelled A1WebStats and our understanding of what makes businesses successful.  Our view of what creates online success is this …

    1. Identify a need within the business (for example, a need to sell more of a product or service).
    2. Focus on that aspect of the website, including detailed analysis of visitors (to prove why change is needed).
    3. Fix the identified problems (via your agency of course).
    4. Reap the benefits.
    5. Rinse and repeat.

    Read on to see how white labelled A1WebStats helps to achieve this for you and your clients …



    The 3 ways agencies use white labelled A1WebStats

    For you as an agency, here’s our view of the key benefits of your clients gaining more business from their websites:

    1. They stay loyal to your agency.
    2. They pay for more of your services, because they see that it achieves return on investment for them.
    3. They recommend you onto people they know, who can become new clients.

    Here’s the flipside to the coin, something we’ve seen happen too much …

    1. An agency doesn’t help their client to focus on what matters.
    2. The client doesn’t gain enough business.
    3. The client gets poached by another agency.

    White labelling A1WebStats helps your clients and your agency to grow.

    Agencies use white labelled A1WebStats in three ways, ranging from basic to more advanced functionality.  Please click on the links below to dig deeper into what would be most applicable for your agency and your clients …

    1. Automatically delivering (white labelled) details of companies that visited your clients’ websites
    2. New business development – generating a pipeline of future agency clients
    3. Identifying and fixing weaknesses in the online presence of clients, leading to more business for everyone

    Automatically delivering (white labelled) details of companies that visited your clients’ websites

    This is the simplest approach and works like this:

    Starting with your free 60 day trial, you, the agency, create your client an account within your white labelled A1WebStats.  You can create as many clients as you want to, working within your allowance (our entry level tier allows you to have an allowance of 15,000 visitors spread between as many clients as you want to, for the standard £200/month).

    Each day your client will receive a (white labelled) email from your agency, summarising the identifiable companies that went to their website the previous day.  They can then click to log into their account and see the details of what those companies looked at page by page.

    You decide whether to charge your client a fee, or to absorb it into other costs. All you pay us is the total £200/month (if choosing to continue after your 60 day free trial).


    New business development – generating a pipeline of future agency clients

    You may be looking for new clients short-term or longer-term.

    You probably already know that it’s an uphill battle trying to encourage new potential clients to benefit from your services.

    White labelled A1WebStats allows you to get a ‘foot in the door’ by offering something that those future clients think is of value to them – seeing identifiable companies that go to their websites.

    Because it costs you nothing to service those clients (beyond using part of your monthly overall allowance of visitors data), you can start to build a relationship with them, via the data that the system is giving them about visiting companies.

    As well as identifying companies, you will gain insights into the overall website visitor patterns of those future clients and can feed useful information to them, encouraging them bit by bit to consider paying for your services.   It’s very common, for example, to identify paid advertising that is wasting future client budget because the advertising is set up inefficiently, or the website itself is failing to convert clicks to enquiries.


    Identifying and fixing weaknesses in the online presence of clients, leading to more business for everyone

    Although we include ‘companies identification’ as part of the software, we don’t encourage reliance on that.

    Instead we encourage a much more intelligent approach to website analytics, helped by the fact that our system goes into much more detail than Google Analytics, while presenting information in a much more accessible way.

    This video gives you an example of how you can help clients to focus on a part of their website that they’d like more results from – and then fix any weaknesses identified …

    Taking the content of the video above, below you will see the recommended way to use white labelled A1WebStats to benefit your clients …

    Identify the opportunity

    You ask your client one simple question:

    “What product or service would you like more enquiries about?”

    Just one.

    No more than that.


    Collate the data

    Using white labelled A1WebStats, plus our assistance as required, you will have a detailed view of every single visitor who got to that part of your client website.  This includes:

    1. What brought them to the website.
    2. What they looked at page by page before and after getting to that part of the website.
    3. What part of the world they came from.
    4. Whether they were identifiable as a company.
    5. Their history (if they had been to the website before).

    Here’s an example of one visitor (in this case, from an identifiable company), who entered via a keyword phrase of ‘dsear risk assessments’ from Google Ads, and that went to a few pages after their visit to the website on 13th September, having previously been to the website on 8th August:

    A1WebStats company detailed view


    Refine the data

    This is the important part – you can use white labelled A1WebStats to focus on visitors to a product or service page, but remove those visitors that may not be of interest.  For example, potential buyers may only be visitors who:

    1. Came from one or a few countries.
    2. Got to a certain product or service page.
    3. Weren’t tagged as a competitor, supplier, or client.
    4. Looked at more than 3 pages after landing.

    The end result is a refined view of the data, showing ONLY the numbers of potential buyers who got to that product or service page.


    Compare data to results

    Now it’s time to compare the number of potential buyers (as shown by the data, for a chosen time period) to the number of actual enquiries gained.

    That figure needs to be expressed as a percentage.

    It’s likely to be a figure that your client isn’t impressed by.

    That’s good, because the evidence of data will lead to positive change, which benefits your client and your agency.


    Identify potential improvements

    Focusing on the product or service page that should be gaining higher levels of enquiries from relevant visitors to that page, the white labelled A1WebStats system (plus our data-interpreting assistance if required) will help you to identify ways to strengthen the product/service page (and sometimes supporting pages).


    Make the improvements

    Your agency implements the changes that will achieve stronger results for the client.


    Re-measure results

    After a further period of analysis, re-measure the enquiries gained after the changes.


    Reap the benefits

    By focusing on what matters (stronger websites leading to more enquiries gained), instead of distractions (identifiable companies to chase), your client will gain more business.

    That leads to:

    1. Them asking you to help them with other parts of their online presence.
    2. Them recommending you onto new potential clients.



    Getting started with white labelled A1WebStats

    Like most agencies, you’re probably busy.

    In our experience, only a small proportion of agencies seem to be lacking work at any given time.

    So why should you even consider white labelling A1WebStats?

    Simply: because shit happens.

    Shit such as:

    • You lose a client to a competitor who has found an angle to tempt them across (yes, white labelling A1WebStats does get clients to change agency when they see the benefits of the system).
    • A client slashes their budget because they’re feeling business pain.

    It may not be this week, this month, next month, or for months ahead.

    But it can happen.

    White labelling A1WebStats is all about building a pipeline for the future, as well as strengthening client loyalty and gaining short-term sales.


    The recommended path

    This is how we recommend considering us …

    1. Run a free 30 day trial on your own website, or a client website, ensuring that your contact details are provided as the point of contact.
    2. Engage in dialogue with us during that trial period, so that we can show you how to use the A1WebStats system to fully benefit you/the client, while showing you opportunities to gain more business from the client via the data it provides.  We’ll also show you how you can use the system as a new business generation tool.
    3. Having gained an insight into how powerful the A1WebStats system is, you can stop there, or take advantage of a full 60 days completely free access to our white label solution.  That’s 60 days on top of the free test trial you’ve already had.   However, you don’t have to set up a test trial initially – you can dive straight into the 60 day white label trial if you want to.
    4. Create totally free accounts for as many businesses as you need to maximise use of the 15,000 visitors per month total allowance.  That may be existing customers or may be potential customers.  Got 10 clients that have under 15,000 visitors between them?  Great – feel free to add them in.  Got more than 10 clients that have under 15,000 visitors between them?  That’s equally fine.
    5. During the 60 days free access your clients can receive useful information about their website visitors, including identifiable companies that they may want to reach out to.
    6. Let us help you to learn more about your white labelled system during those 30 days.  This will include how to identify weaknesses within your client websites/marketing to those websites, that you may like to share with your client, with a view to you undertaking the paid work to strengthen their online presence.
    7. If choosing to continue beyond the 60 days free access, you may still be in a position where you can’t take on any more business.  However, for the relatively small fee (£200 per month for a total of 15,000 visitors allowance), you can probably afford to keep useful information feeding out to all those set up within your white label – in preparation for when you are ready to take on more work, based on data insights that our white labelled solution helps to provide.
    8. When the time comes for you to actively want to gain more business, focus on the data within those client accounts (we can help you with that focus) to identify ways in which you can help your clients gain more business via making positive changes to their online presence.

    In other words …

    You may be busy but while you’re busy, the powerful data insights within your white labelled A1WebStats system will be impressing those businesses where it’s installed and they’ll be more receptive to you asking for more business from them – when you’re ready.

    We know what you may be thinking:

    What if my customers see opportunities in the data and want our agency to do work for them when we’re already busy?

    The answer is easy: just say yes, but inflate your prices a bit more than normal.

    Is inflating prices unethical?  No – not if you, the agency, are helping the client to gain a stronger website that will gain them substantially more enquiries and sales.

    It’s a mutually beneficial transaction.


    Getting the maximum benefits from your white label

    To gain the maximum benefits from the 60 day free trial of white labelled A1WebStats, you should use as much of the 15,000 visitors data allowance as you can.

    This means you need to gain the interest of businesses that could benefit from that free data.

    You could select from your existing customer base.

    You could actively target new potential customers.

    Or you could do both – it’s your choice.

    But the free 60 days won’t work unless you have planned it out.

    This is what we recommend:

    1. Select who would benefit (from your existing customers).
    2. See how many visitors per month they get between them (on average).
    3. If it’s substantially less than 15,000, communicate with potential clients, offering them beneficial and free information about their visitors (including identifiable companies) for anything up to 60 days – it’s your choice.
    4. When you feel you will be able to fully utilise the 15,000 monthly allowance, you are ready for signing up …


    Signing up for the white label

    This is how to sign up for your free 60 days of A1WebStats white label.

      1. When you feel you will be able to fully utilise the 15,000 monthly allowance, contact us via phone, email, or enquiry form.
      2. We will ask you to confirm that you have built up enough potential users of the system, to make full use of the 15,000 monthly visitors data allowance.
      3. We will ask you for your white label sub-domain name, and a logo to display on your white label.
      4. Your white label account will be set up within 4 working days and you will be provided details to log in, plus guidance on how to create accounts within your white label.
      5. We will be here to support you throughout your free 60 days and beyond.




    We’d expect you to have a few questions.  If they’re not answered here, then please contact us so that we can help …


    “Am I going to get the hard sell?”

    Not at all.  We have an anti-sell culture.

    All we ask is that potential white labellers engage in dialogue about how the system benefits you and your clients.

    At no point do we ever sales pitch our offering.


    “What does it cost after the free 60 days of the A1WebStats white label solution?”

    By the end of 60 days, the benefits should be clear.  If choosing to continue afterwards, our fee is £200 (+ VAT) per month for an allowance of 15,000 visitors spread between as many clients as you want to.

    Additional pricing tiers are available if you have higher data allowance requirements.

    There is no contract – you can cancel at any point.


    “How much do I charge my clients for access to the data?”

    This is your choice.

    Some agencies charge clients a fee to have access to data that benefits them.

    Other agencies treat the monthly fee as a general cost that helps retain customer loyalty while building a pipeline of business for the future.


    “What support do I get?”

    It’s in our interests for our white labelling clients to choose and keep using A1WebStats.

    You get as much support as you want to get – by phone, email, and screenshare.

    For as long as we are providing a service that benefits you and your clients, we also benefit.

    Therefore, we (to use a cliché) always go the extra mile.


    “Can I really sign up as many customers as I want to?”

    Yes, as long as they have less than 15,000 visitors per month between all of them (within the free 60 days)

    Don’t worry – we’ll let you know if you go over your allowance and there are no automatic increases in charges.


    “What happens if I want more than 15,000 visitors data allowance per month?”

    If choosing to continue after the free 60 days you can opt for higher pricing tiers, as shown on this page of our website


    Anything else?

    Still reading?  If you’ve still got any questions, please reach out to us via any of the methods on our contact page.


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