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Two reasons why your clients don’t pay you for more work

What we call an ‘agency’

We use the term ‘agency’ loosely here to mean:

  • Digital agencies
  • Website designers & developers
  • Marketing agencies

In short: you provide digital services to clients that those services would include any of the following:

  • Website design & development
  • SEO
  • Paid search advertising
  • Content creation and marketing
  • Social media management

You may offer some of those services, BUT are your clients using enough of your services?

Logically, it makes sense to gain more paid work from current clients, than going through the challenge of bringing in new clients.

In our view, there are two reasons why your clients are not paying you for more work (and yes, we will give you the solution further down) …


Reason 1 – supplier vs partner

Do you think that your clients see you as a supplier or a partner?

A supplier is seen as providing a service/product, at a cost, that should have a benefit but ultimately, the relationship is mainly transactional/necessity.

A partner is a supplier where there is a much stronger relationship and trust, plus any financial transactions are seen as being hugely beneficial.  A client who views you as being a partner is likely to:

  1. Give you more business, without any doubts about the beneficial outcome.
  2. Pass your details onto their own contacts, so that you can benefit them in the same way.


Something for you to do

  1. List the names of your clients
  2. Think about whether any of them have passed you onto new clients
  3. Also think about how they are with you – are they always really keen to talk?  Do they get enthusiastic about doing new work with you?  Or do they see you as a necessary evil that can make changes to their website/online presence?

The outcome from that analysis will be whether you have a client-supplier or a client-partner relationship with each of them.



Reason 2 – evidence-based need for you to get more paid work

If you wait for your clients to feed you more paid work, then there is something very wrong with your relationship.

On the flipside, if you contact your clients telling them that you think it would help them if they paid you more for a work activity you could do for them, then they may feel that you’re just trying to get more paid work.

What you need is to make it clear to your client that services you could provide are definitely going to have a beneficial effect for them.

In short: you need evidence that there’s a problem to fix and it to be very clear to your client that the evidence is independent of your viewpoint.

That evidence comes from data.

NOT Google Analytics data (it’s not strong enough), but from A1WebStats data.

When the data highlights a problem, and you share that with your client, they then have the choice to discuss how you would resolve the problem for them.

That takes us nicely onto …


The Solution

Agencies that white label A1WebStats do so for two key reasons:

  1. Their clients want to see the names of companies that visited their website, and what they looked at page by page.
  2. The agency wants to use data in a way that’s stronger than Google Analytics, to identify problem areas that can then be fixed.

These are the steps towards gaining more paid work from your clients …



Once you’ve got an A1WebStats white label account (it’s free for the first 60 days), you create an account for your client.

That starts recording the page by page movements of all visitors to their website.


The Question

You contact your client with the very simple question:

What service/product would you like more enquiries about?



When your client has told you the service/product that they want more enquiries about, and you’ve collected a reasonable amount (typically, two weeks would be enough) of data within their A1WebStats account (set up within your white label), you are ready for analysis.

Initially, you may prefer our (free) help with using the A1WebStats system to analyse every visitor who got to that part of their website, but over time, you’ll be happy to use the system without our help (although we are always here to help).

The data will uncover patterns related to all visitors to that part of the website and it will become clear how that part of their website (and also the methods used to drive traffic to that part of their website) can be improved.



At this point, you share the data with your client.  Ideally, you would show them, within their version of the A1WebStats system, patterns of data related to the service/product that they’d like to get more enquiries about.

This sharing of data has the purpose of demonstrating to your client that they are losing potential business, as proven by the movements of each individual visitor that gets to that part of their website vs how many enquiries the client actually received.



Having shared the data with your client, you are in a position to make recommendations of how you can help to improve the position.

Whether it’s improving part(s) of their website, or improving the marketing that drives traffic to their website, your recommendations would be based on the data that you’ve shared.

The conversation is not “we think you should improve this and pay us money to do it”.

Instead, the conversation is: “based on the data you can see, focused on the people who get to the service/product page that you’d like more enquiries about, we suggest that you can gain more enquiries by [here you insert your recommendations].


From pain points to paid work

By utilising the data within white labelled A1WebStats, focused on the pain points (a need for higher enquiries about a service/product) of the client, you facilitate your agency to undertake the work.

Clearly, the client may still have “will it work?” doubts in their heads and so you would ensure that you follow up on that specific work done, and how it improved their enquiry rates.

That leads onto …


Partnership paid work

When you have addressed a client pain point in this way, and have proven that you can improve the position, the client will start to see you as being more a partner (instead of a supplier).

They are then likely to share more pain points with you and via data analysis and your recommendations, you can provide further paid work services to them.



Next steps

We know what you’re thinking:

We could do this within Google Analytics.

No, you can’t – this is more detailed but more understandable by the client.

You may also be thinking:

Where’s the risk for us here?

The answer to that is that there is no risk.

Our white labelling section explains that you can have a totally free 60 days of a white label account, that you can utilise for the benefit of you and your clients.

During those 60 days you will have our support, helping you to understand how to use the powerful functionality within the A1WebStats system, and how to utilise data to find opportunities to gain more paid work from your clients.

We are the only business in our sector that will give you a totally free 60 days to see how white labelled A1WebStats benefits you.  We wouldn’t do that if we thought that it would be a waste of time for you and us.

If, after the 60 days you wish to continue (you’ll likely find that your clients insist on keeping some aspects of the data, such as the identifiable companies that visit their websites), then the pricing is amazingly low (as clearly shown within our white labelling page).

You’re also not committed for any more than the current month of usage – you can cancel instantly any time.

Not that we’ve experienced that – our white labellers continue to use us because it works in three ways:

  1. Agency clients cannot get direct access to our system at such a low price point, except via a white labeller.
  2. Some agencies charge their clients for access to the system/data (or build it into existing fees), making the product cost-neutral or profitable.
  3. It continues to help identify opportunities to further improve client websites, which brings in more paid work for the agency, and strengthens the client-agency relationship.


Any questions?

We’re here to help.

We’re rare in an industry that doesn’t give much away for free.

To us, it’s important to demonstrate the power of what we offer to agencies within our white label solution, which is why the 60 day trial is set at such a generous time length.

If you have any questions at all, please do contact us via and we’ll be happy to help.






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