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More paid work for your agency – 100% guaranteed within 60 days

That’s a pretty bold statement:

More paid work for your agency – 100% guaranteed within 60 days

What makes it even bolder is that it costs you nothing.


Let’s break that statement down:

More paid work = your clients paying you to do more work for them.

100% guaranteed = because our support ensures it happens.

Within 60 days = we give you white labelled A1WebStats totally free for 60 days, which is enough time to utilise the power of the system to gain more paid work.


After the 60 days it’s up to you.

You would have to try REALLY hard to fail at gaining new paid work by utilising white labelled A1WebStats.

But if it’s still not worth £200 per month (with no contract – cancel if you ever want to) to you thereafter, we will simply thank you for taking the trial and move on.

Here’s how it works …


Before signing up for your free trial

You only have to do one thing (well you don’t HAVE to – it’ll just help you hit the ground running).

Contact your clients and ask each of them a simple question of:

What one product or service would you like more enquiries about?

If they ask you “Why?”, then tell them:

Because I’m going to show you how that can be achieved in the next few weeks.

Note down the website urls related to their products or services of choice – you’ll need them soon.


Signing up for your free trial of white labelled A1WebStats

All you need to do is email with a subject line of:

I’d like to take the white label trial

… and then include your contact details in the email message body.


White label setup

We create your white label A1WebStats account, which enables you to create multiple clients/users whenever you want to.

There is no limit to the number of client accounts you set up – you are only limited by a total website visitors allowance of 15,000 visitors between all those client accounts.   If you need more than 15,000 visitors per month after the trial, we have additional pricing tiers.

Got five clients with less than 15,000 visitors between them?  Great – they can each have an individual login, which works within your white label of A1WebStats.

Ten clients?  Fifteen clients?  More?

As long as they have under 15,000 visitors per month between them, you can add them and access them easily within your white label portal, as in this example below …

White label customers portal summary view

That’s YOUR way to access their data from your own portal.

Your clients have their own url to access their data only (which is normally a subdomain of your own domain, chosen during the setup process).

As part of setting up each client account, you will have tracking code that needs to be installed on their website.  That’s only a two minute job for each website, and you will either do that yourself or ask your client to do the installation.

As soon as the tracking code is installed, it will track every individual visitor to their website, including what they looked at page by page.  This will often include the name of the company that’s visiting, as in this example below …

Visiting company example


While they’re waiting

You have hopefully already asked your clients what product or service they want more enquiries about.

While waiting a recommended two weeks to accumulate website visitors to that part of their website, you have the option to give them something while they’re waiting to hear back from you.

That’s information about the identifiable companies that are visiting their website.   The information can be viewed in summary form, as shown below …

Visiting companies summary

The information can also be viewed at the detail level of each visiting company, as shown below …

Visiting company example 2

While you don’t have to, you have the option to allow your customers to receive a daily email alert showing them the company names that have been to their website.  You can also give them the option to log into the detail level of each visitor, via your white label of A1WebStats.


Digging for gold

This is the part that leads to you getting paid for work that you can do for your client.

We call it digging for gold and it works like this:


You get on a screenshare call with us (you can do this whenever you want to during the trial and afterwards).


Focus on the product or service

Together, we analyse the website page(s) related to the product or service that your client has told you they want more enquiries about.


Interpreting the data

Although we let the A1WebStats data do the initial talking, we strike gold when, together, we start to interpret the data during the call, identifying the reasons why your client isn’t gaining as many enquiries as they could be.

Those reasons will include opportunities to make the website stronger, plus refinements in marketing.

Chances are that you’re already aware of the reasons why your client isn’t gaining as many enquiries as they could be, but there just hasn’t been an opportunity to prove that to your client (without it appearing that you’re just trying to get more work from them).

The good news is that the data doesn’t lie – when presented to your client as a negative picture (e.g. 100 visitors to that part of the website vs two enquiries they’ve had), your client will want to know the solution.


The solution

You will have shared data related to visitors to the part of their website that your client would like more enquiries about.

They will know that more could be achieved.

This is where you offer your solution, which will typically involve your work on the client website/marketing.

Your client then has a choice: let you implement the changes via paid work, or carry on losing potential business.

If it’s the former, then great.

If it’s the latter, then it may be time to look for future clients so that you have the peace of mind that you’re providing services to winners and not plodders.



You will be getting paid work, and so your client has an expectation that the work will improve their enquiry rates for the product or service they’re most interested in.

Needless to say, you’re going to do a brilliant job of implementation.


Follow up

An agreed time after you have undertaken the paid work, there will be an opportunity to assess what impact your work has had.

This part is really important because you want your client to know that you care, and at the same time, you want to know that the desired results were achieved.


Rinse & repeat

After your client has seen what a difference you can make, ask them what else they’d want more enquiries about, and then start analysing website visitors related to that new subject.

You still have access to our support whenever you need it (at no additional cost) so please do feel free to have screenshare calls with us, helping to interpret the data patterns.


As a bonus

Some of your clients will be super impressed with what you achieve for them.

Impressed enough to recommend you to their own business contacts.

In short: your good work leads to future clients via recommendations.



Will it always work?

You go to the effort of analysing part of a client website – at no cost to them.

You make recommendations of how you can help, backed up by the data that proves they would be advised to utilise your skills.

But they still don’t buy from you.

It happens sometimes – that’s the bad news.

The good news is that you have several clients, and many will say yes to your recommendations.

And we’re here to help you achieve that.  You know your client better than we could, but we also bring a fresh perspective to what the data is indicating could be improved.  We’ve analyed over 6,000 websites during the past 17 years, which enables us to bring you some positive value.  That combination ensures that you can then go to your clients with a message that is essentially:

It’s clear that you’re not getting enough enquiries about [product/service], and the website visitors data confirms that.  We have identified how to improve your enquiry rates and this is how we can make that happen …

To put the above another way, we at A1WebStats would be barking mad if we gave our time and system white labelled free for 60 days, if we didn’t think it would be worth it for you, your clients,  and us.   This is because:

  1. Setup of your account takes time.
  2. Your usage of free data is a cost to us.
  3. Our time on calls with you is a cost to us.

We simply wouldn’t do it if we didn’t have the confidence that it gets results.

You also won’t get this level of service from anyone else in our market space.


After the free 60 days

During your free 60 days there is plenty of time to dig into the website visitors data of your clients, and pull out opportunities for you to create strength that will ultimately:

  1. Get them more enquiries/sales.
  2. Get you paid work.
  3. Strengthen your relationship with them.

Our objective is for you to have experienced what we feel is the only 60 day free trial available that allows digital professionals to actively gain more business without any cost at all.

After those free 60 days you will likely have:

  1. Some clients who want to continue getting the information about companies that visit their websites. You have the option of giving that to them, or applying a fee (separately, or as part of what they pay you already).
  2. Clients that are now feeling that you care more about what they gain from their websites, and that have engaged you with paid work that benefits them.
  3. Other clients that take a bit longer to nurture, but you are tracking data on their websites and working towards more engagement.

Providing that you are benefiting from the A1WebStats white label, you have the option to continue ongoing.

The first tier is £200 (+ VAT) per month for an overall data allowance of 15,000 visitors (spread between as many client accounts as you want to).

If you need more data, then we have higher tiers.  The next tier is £300 (+ VAT) per month for up to 25,000 visitors.

There is no contracted period – you can instantly cancel at any time if you no longer wished to use the white label service.


How do other agencies use the A1WebStats white label?

Our current white labellers do vary on how they recoup the £200 per month fee.

The majority absorb the cost and treat the service as a relationship-builder with their clients.  The same majority also dig into the data patterns to identify opportunities to gain more paid work from clients.

Some agencies do charge a small fee for clients to retain access to data (usually the visiting companies data).  It only takes, say, 5 clients paying £40 per month to cover our monthly fee, so this can make sense.

Any questions?

It’s likely that you’ll have some questions.

If you’ve not had much exposure to A1WebStats previously, you may well appreciate a demo screenshare/call.

Whether it’s questions or a demo, all you have to do is email and we’ll be happy to help.


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