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Making the most of phone enquiries

You’re on the phone to someone who has contacted your business and they sound like they’re a prospect.  You know that it’s good practice to find out how they found out about your business, but you don’t want to push things too much.

Here’s how A1WebStats can help you with a simple step by step guide …

  1. When they’re on the phone, ask them if they’re on your website at the moment.
  2. If they say they are (and sometimes, even if they’re not), ask them to go to one of your website pages that’s relevant to their enquiry, explaining why that page is useful for them to see (for example, a page of testimonials related to the service or product they’re enquiring about).
  3. Go to Filters – All Visitors when logged into your A1WebStats account and looking at todays date.
  4. Look for a recent visitor who is currently on that website page.
  5. You’ve spotted your visitor and will have details that include:
    1. What pages they looked at.
    2. If they’ve been to the website before.
    3. (where it can be identified) what they searched for to find you.
    4. Other useful information (e.g. they found you via LinkedIn or PPC).

You can now use that information to:

  1. Update your records summarising where your enquiries originated from (so that you can assess them over longer periods of time).
  2. Engineer your conversation with the caller, based on the website pages they’ve been looking at.
  3. Use the ‘Edit Details’ link so that you can easily identify that visitor if they come back to your website again in the future.

Even if your enquirer doesn’t buy into your products or services immediately, you will have identified them via their website visit and could ‘Watch Company’ to instantly get alerted if they come back to your website again in the future, which may give you another opportunity to make contact with them.

Doing the opposite

If you pick up the phone to speak to an enquirer and don’t use the ‘All Visitors’ function within the A1WebStats system, you only have a limited view of that person, where they came from, and, if they come back to your website in the future, you wouldn’t know about it.



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