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IP address manual lookup – go beyond the free tools

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People use manual IP lookup tools because they’re free.

A1WebStats provides a much stronger solution that easily pays for itself beyond the free 30 day trial.

Your time is better spent on website success activities other than basic IP lookups


What people currently do

Many people use IP lookup tools to find out (for free) more information about visitors to their website.  Tools such as:


IP Checker

IP Tracker





… and numerous others.

The reasons for using free IP lookup tools are varied, but are mostly:

Usually, you will have found an IP address (maybe within Google Analytics) that has visited your website and you want to find out more about it.  The various free tools will allow you to look up IP addresses, but what you get back is so limited compared to what A1WebStats allows you to do.

Read on for more ….



What A1WebStats triallers and customers do

Most of our triallers and customers want to identify details of companies that visited their website.

They’re not actually that interested in IP addresses, so they let the A1WebStats system do the heavy lifting for them.

It works like this:

  1. Triallers install our code on their websites.
  2. Visitors to their websites are tracked by IP address.
  3. Our database cross-references those IP addresses to companies (where identifiable).
  4. Our customers see the names of companies visiting their website and what they looked at page by page.  That includes companies of interest to them, and also competitors, suppliers, and other types of company visitors – all of which are linked to an IP address.
  5. If those companies didn’t make contact with our customers, then there are opportunities to reach out to those website visitors.

Here’s an example of a company (River Island) visiting a website and looking at a few pages:

Example of an A1WebStats company visitor

Here is the same company visit, but with the IP tab selected, which shows the IP address:

Company name with IP address



A1WebStats Geolocation option

A1WebStats doesn’t just track identifiable companies.

We track ALL visitors to a website, recording information against the IP address.  If, for example, you visited your website from at home, you would see your visit, including your IP address.

If selected as an option within our interface, you can also track people to their specific location, instead of just by their IP address.

For example, this image shows the visitor was geolocated to their postcode of TR7 1GF.  They weren’t identifiable as a company (by their IP address) and had used a mobile phone (via O2) to access the website.   Their postcode is what we’re interested in …

Geolocated by postcode

By copying that postcode into Google we can then try to link it to businesses within that postcode area.

In the example above, we found this business, which would match the profile of a potential customer for that company …

Geolocated by postcode business identified

Without A1WebStats, that visitor would have been anonymous and all we would have known about them was that they were someone using O2 on a mobile device.  Geolocation made the difference.


What else can A1WebStats do?

A1WebStats has been described as Google Analytics on steroids (but much more accessible!).

In short, it allows you to see the page by page movements of all website visitors.

Want to track what happens to click from Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and a lot more?

That’s easy with A1WebStats.

Want to dig deeper into why you’re not selling more of a particular product or service?

Yes, our software helps with that too.

And when you do get sales and enquiries, A1WebStats helps you to link those back to their original sources (for example, specific marketing initiatives that brought people to your website).


Ready for more?

Using manual IP lookup tools has some value, but doesn’t provide enough information.

A1WebStats shows every historic visit from an IP address, and what that visitor looked at page by page.  Wherever it can be identified (by IP address or geolocation), you can also see which company visited.

If gaining more results from your website is high on your agenda, then we’d welcome you to look at our page – it’s impossible not to benefit from A1WebStats, when you’ve seen how much it can do.

Fancy taking a free 30 day no-sales-pitch trial?   All you have to do is click here:

We know what you’re thinking: “how much does it cost if continuing after the trial?”.  The good news is that it’s a month to month (no contract) arrangement, and the very small costs as shown on our pricing page are outweighed by the substantial benefits to your business.


Got any questions?

Whether it’s about IP lookups or anything else related to your website success, please do contact us if you have any questions at all that we can help answer for you.

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