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Getting results with white labelled A1WebStats


When you sign up for the free 60 day trial of white labelled A1WebStats, we want you to get maximum value from that free time.

This is how we help you to do that (and we are always here to help you with anything you need) …


Thinking about the desired outcome

Before setup of your white label trial account, we suggest you go through this process:

  1. List the names of all your clients.
  2. List how much paid work they gave you in the past year.
  3. Ask yourself whether you think you could have helped them more, gaining more paid work in the process.
  4. Decide that you will fully utilise the A1WebStats white label trial to ensure that you do get more paid work, while benefiting your clients.


Setting up user accounts

This is where you create user accounts for your clients.

It’s easy to do within your white label portal and all website visitors data can be tracking quickly (depending on whether you install the tracking code yourself, or pass it to your client for them to get it installed).

Initially, you may like us to be on a screenshare/call taking you through the first few client account setups.


Deciding on access to data

When you set up user accounts you can choose whether or not to allow your clients to automatically receive daily emails that show them the names of companies that have visited their website.

Some agencies switch it on but initially it’s switched off, so that you do have the choice.  You may, for example, prefer to send clients a periodic spreadsheet of information about their website visitors.

We tend to find that if you allow your clients to receive information about visiting companies, it can spark off conversations such as: “why do you (agency) think they didn’t make contact with us (client)?”, which can lead to further analysis and paid work for you.

You can also decide whether or not to give your client direct access to their data.  Some agencies utilise the data for internal use only.


Interpreting the data

While A1WebStats collects a lot of data about website visitors, that data still has to be interpreted.

We recommend that you ask your clients what product or service they’d like more enquiries about, and then book in a call with us so that we can show you how to analyse data related to website visitors who got to that part of the website.

In the vast majority of those calls we’ve had with our white labellers (94%), it’s highlighted areas where website pages (or the way they’re marketed) can be improved.

That interpretation of the data can then be shared between you and your client, with them hopefully agreeing that you can implement the beneficial changes.


Doing it as much as you want to

It’s in our interests for you to use your 60 day free trial as much as you can.

You’re not limited in how many calls you have with us (either during the free trial or afterwards), because those calls help you to fully benefit from the A1WebStats system.


Our guarantee

If you utilise your free 60 days to track website visitors to multiple clients AND spend some screen time/calls with us at A1WebStats, you are guaranteed to achieve one or more of the following …


Payment to keep it going

Some of your clients will get excited about one part of the A1WebStats system data – identification of companies that visit their website (and what they looked at page by page).

They’ll be getting that data for free for as long as you want them to.

You will judge each client situation, but we have seen the following happen:

  1. Some agencies charge a small fee to their clients, just to keep the flow of identifiable companies data.
  2. Some agencies build an extra cost into their existing client fee arrangement, which helps pay for the white label cost after the free 60 days.
  3. Some agencies provide it as a completely free service, realising that the real value to the agency is digging into the overall website visitor patterns, and getting paid work from recommendations made to the client.


Paid work from clients

Within two weeks of creating a client account within your A1WebStats portal, you will probably have enough data to start analysing website visitor patterns.

That would be analysed independently or with ourselves (it’s a free service so we recommend that you benefit from it!).

That analysis can lead to your client agreeing to paid work to strengthen an aspect of their website/marketing.

That extra work from the client can pay for the A1WebStats white label for months into the future – without you having paid anything during the 60 day free trial.



How to get NO results from your A1WebStats white label trial

Here’s the flipside to all the above.

If you set up the free 60 day trial and then take too long to create client accounts, and don’t utilise our assistance in identifying how those clients could be gaining more business from their website visitors … then it’s really not going to work.

The end lack of result would be clients who haven’t benefited from what the system can show them, and you not getting more paid work to help them.

That would be pointless and a waste of the only 60 day free trial that we offer to each agency.


Any questions?

You may have questions about how to fully benefit from trialling the white label of A1WebStats.   Please do email us via and we’ll be happy to help.


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