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A Unique Business Development Idea For Recruitment Agencies

If you knew which companies were soon going to be losing a member of staff, would you be in the right place at the right time?

Currently: probably not.

With A1WebStats to help you: definitely!


How to identify companies that are soon going to need a recruiter of new staff

Some employees will research new jobs while they are at work.

That often makes it possible to identify the name of the company they work for.

Using A1WebStats (free to try for 30 days), here’s an example of someone from a company called Babcock International, who went to a recruitment agency website and looked at two jobs:

Example of someone from an identifiable company that visited a recruitment website


That tells you that, in the near future, it’s likely that someone from that company is going to leave and may need to be replaced.


Out the box recruitment agency business development thinking

Here’s the reality, like it or not:

Businesses are NOT actively searching for recruitment agencies in anywhere near the numbers you may hope they would be.

So how do you fill your pipeline of future clients who will use you to fill their vacancies?

You reach out to those companies that don’t know that they need you yet.

This video explains how you can do this (you may like to click full screen to see more detail):


The new business development step by step process for recruitment agencies

Step 1

Sign up for a free 30 day trial of A1WebStats and install our tracking code on your recruitment agency website.    In case you’re wondering, our pricing is low (most people pay £70-80 per month if choosing to continue after the free trial).

That will start tracking all visitors to your website, including those who get to your job vacancy pages.

Step 2

Review your identifiable website visitors data to show identifiable companies where an employee was looking at your job vacancy pages (as shown in the examples within the video above).

Of course, we’re here to help you do that throughout your free trial.

Step 3

Now that you know the type of job role of interest to an employee from that business, and can assume that the employee may well leave soon, this is the time to identify recruiting-related staff within that business (typically, via LinkedIn).

Step 4

Connect (via LinkedIn) with the identified person/people at that prospect company and then send them a printed information pack about how your recruitment business could help them in the future.

Include in that recruitment pack some examples of job roles you’re currently filling – including the roles and staff types that one of their employees was looking at on your website.

The specific mention of those job roles or type of staff (e.g. administration, accounting, sales) that you help to recruit may stay in their minds in the weeks ahead when that employee hands in their notice.

Step 5

When that prospect company has the employee hand in their notice, they may need to recruit for a replacement in that position.

They may recall that you have expertise in recruiting for those specific roles and may reach out to you.

You may even have sent them a follow up letter or LinkedIn message a few weeks later to remind them that you can help with recruiting certain types of staff.

They’ll think it a coincidence that you reached out to them at the right time.

You’ll know different.


Measurement is key

A 30 day free trial of A1WebStats is usually enough to identify many companies where employees have looked at the vacancies on your website.

Provided you are prepared to look up relevant people within that business, and have sent them something in the post, AND have followed up a few weeks later … then you should see a return on that effort.

The worst case scenario is that you spent a bit of time and postage on reaching out to companies where you know they’ll need to replace staff soon … but none of your activity led to results.

The more likely scenario is that your proactive communication was timely and gains you customers worth more than many future months of an A1WebStats subscription cost.

The point of the 30 day trial is so that you can experiment without paying for our software.



Looking at the numbers

Every recruitment agency has different numbers of website visitors so we’ll focus on a low-traffic viewpoint here and obviously, multiply these numbers up if you have higher numbers of website visitors …

Within one month you have 300 website visitors.

30 of them are identifiable as companies where an employee was looking at the job vacancies on your recruitment website.

Of those 30, you reach out to 20 (some may not be suitable, or are already known to you).

Of those 20 that you send letters to/nurture in other ways, five (the pessimistic view!) engage with you because you were in the right place at the right time.

You convert two to customers and carry on working on the others.

Each of those customers is worth £XXXX to you for each job vacancy filled.


What’s the alternative?

The alternative to trying A1WebStats on your recruitment website would be to have no visibility of which companies have staff looking for new work.

All you will see from systems like Google Analytics is that certain numbers of people have looked at vacancy pages, but you won’t have any more insights than that.



Any questions?

We’re here to help and also happy to provide a no-sales-pitch demo of A1WebStats that’s focused on your recruitment business development goals.

All you need to do is reach out to us via the details on our contact page.




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