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How agencies lose customers

Here we discuss agencies, which are typically digital agencies, web developers, and marketing agencies.  However, an agency can be any business that offers additional services to clients.

A1WebStats can be white labelled by agencies at pricing rates/convenience that are much more flexible than standard pricing … and that undercut all our competitors.

You can find out more details about our white label here.


Lack of understanding

There are, unfortunately, some agencies that don’t understand what A1WebStats is intended to achieve, and how it ultimately keeps their customers from going to competitor agencies.

They tend to sign up for individual accounts, on behalf of their clients who are interested in the names of companies that go to their website.

While that has value, it’s not making full value from what A1WebStats can do.

Nor does that strategy alone gain more business for the agency and the end client.

Sometimes we find agencies (who don’t white label us) go off to our competitors because they’ve been tempted by a seemingly cheaper rate.  If the agency had used our white label, they’d have the cheapest rate on the market.

The problem with that is that the end client is now getting ONLY information about visiting companies and not all the other highly useful data that A1WebStats provides.

That other useful data helps provide insights into where websites and marketing can be improved, which enables the agency to undertake that work and the end client to see them as more of a partner than a supplier.


An example of how an agency loses a customer

The agency facilitates the end customer to get access to visiting companies data.

The customer thinks that’s useful.

Then a rival agency reaches out to that customer and says:

“We can also give you that visiting companies data but on top of that, we’ll give you some free insights into how you can get more business from your website visitors overall.  Wouldn’t it be better if your website converted more visitors to enquiries, than you having to chase companies that haven’t found enough reason to make contact to you after visiting your website?”.

That grabs the interest of the company who takes them up on their offer.

The rival agency is using A1WebStats, which provides data that leads to insights into how the current website could be underperforming, and where there are opportunities to strengthen marketing.

Sometimes that data also clearly highlights that the existing agency is not doing a good enough job.

At this point the rival agency has impressed their new potential customer and the potential customer is annoyed that their current agency hasn’t provided them with such valuable insights.

End result: the rival agency steals the customer away from the original agency.


How agencies can avoid losing customers

It’s simple – agencies need to be better than they currently are.

They need to think bigger than ‘tracking companies that go to a website’ and use data intelligently to identify opportunities for their customers.

Because if they don’t, there are many other agencies that are ready to take their customers away from them.

It happens – we’ve seen it many times.

And it’s all totally avoidable.


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