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Using Google Images to get more business

Recently faced with a broken part of a conservatory door (but not knowing what the part was called), a Google search was the starting point.

The search was for ‘conservatory door parts’ and the goal was to quickly find a part that looked like the broken part.

In the search results, all the Google Ads were ignored, as was the first website in the organic listings …

Conservatory door parts image example

Why ignore those?

Because there seemed to be no point going to various websites in the hope of finding an image that matched the broken part.

Within the ‘Images for conservatory door parts’ result, only one stood out as being potentially useful, as you can see highlighted above.

It was useful because, even at that small size, one of the parts seemed to match the broken part.

All the other images weren’t focused enough on the keyword phrase of ‘conservatory door parts’.

Clicking on the image unveiled that the part was called a friction door restrictor and it cost £6.40.

A few clicks later and it was paid for.

Here’s the interesting part – there was no hesitation to buy from that website.

No taking that new-found knowledge of ‘friction door restrictor’ and going off to see if it could be bought cheaper elsewhere.

No need to spend more time searching around.

The seller got the business for one reason only, and it wasn’t price – they respected the time of the searcher by ensuring that an image of theirs appeared under that keyword phrase of ‘conservatory door parts’.

If it was known that the part was called a friction door restrictor it may have been a different story, but that awareness wasn’t there and the winner was the website that made it easy.

This is important for any business that sells physical products – being high in search listings for various search phrases is great, but opportunities are missed if there aren’t relevant images appearing in the search results when phrases are searched on.

If you know any businesses that sell physical products online then it’s worth checking that they know what appears in the image search results (when various phrases are typed) and if they don’t appear, to do something about it.




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