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Hopping from one Google result to another

People go to Google to find service/product providers, typing in a search phrase to find something that matches what they are looking for.

Even if your website is brilliant and at the top of Google results (paid or organic listings), very few people will look only at your website but will choose to go onto others that they find in the search results.  It’s a bit like being in the supermarket looking at a particular type of food – there may be one item that attracts you initially but you also look at others in case there’s a better choice.

Of key importance is for your website to give people enough so that they come back to you after they’ve looked at other websites.

Here’s a very graphic example taken from some of our A1WebStats data …

The first search, click, and website movements

This screenshot shows that someone from Kilco entered the website on 15 April at 10:08.  They then went on to look at 9 pages within that website, exiting the website at 10:10 and 37 seconds:


The second click and website movements

Having gone back to the Google search results, only 18 seconds after exiting the previous website, they clicked onto another search result they saw (going to a different company website).  They looked at one page (which they reloaded a couple of times), and then exited that website (and probably then went onto other websites):


And the winner is …

… the website that gave that person enough reason to make contact with them.

The point of this blog is not to go into detail about the strengths of each of those websites but is purely to highlight that the nature of people means that they will often look at several websites that appear in the search results, looking for enough to make them want to get in contact/buy.

The example given here is not an isolated incident – it’s happening millions of times every single day and just happens to be lucky that our data can give you a visual insight into what is happening all the time.


What can you do about it?

You can’t stop people hopping from one Google result to the next, but you can give them enough reason to come back to your website after they’ve browsed around.   Putting it bluntly, only if your offering is good enough, will they come back to you and make contact.

Using A1WebStats you can see when visitors have returned to your website.   They may have been shopping around Google search results but if your website was strong enough then they’ll be back to you again.   If you’re not seeing people returning to your website then there are actions you can take, using the A1WebStats system (ask us if you need assistance with this – we’re here to help):

  1. Identify website pages that act as significant entry points.
  2. Identify the products/services (related to those website entry pages) that you think you’re not getting many enquiries about (compared to the numbers of website visitors).
  3. Type your keyword phrases into Google, to bring up search results that include your website page that people are landing on.
  4. Spend time closely analysing the websites of the competitors that also appear in Google results, picking out elements that are stronger than your website.
  5. Go and fix things!



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