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Business Magnet Reviews – focusing on the truth

If you looked online for reviews of Business Magnet, you’d initially be impressed by some of what you see.

Here’s an example from Trustpilot (as at the date of this article: January 2020):

Business Magnet Reviews Trustpilot

On the surface, that’s good – 158 reviews out of which 83% are excellent.

That’s until you know more about how such things work (including how easy it is to make reviews look better than what people REALLY think), as brilliantly detailed here:


So, if it’s not easy to trust reviews, how can you tell whether Business Magnet (or any other online directory) provide a good service?


The truth is in the data

Most A1WebStats customers take our free trial (and buy) because they’re interested in one thing: companies that visited their website.

That’s at the basic summary level …

Visiting companies summary

And also at the detail level of the page by page movements of each identifiable company.  As you can see here …

Visiting company example 2

However, the A1WebStats system has numerous other beneficial uses, and the one we’re focusing on here is …


Return on investment from Business Magnet …

… or any other online directory where your company has a presence (paid or unpaid).

On behalf of our customers, we’ve had many conversations with Business Magnet staff.  These aren’t the exact words, but it’s similar to …

Us: you want our customer to renew their paid advertising with you, but our website visitors data shows that there haven’t been a great deal of clicks from the Business Magnet website.

Business Magnet: actually, they’ve had a lot more clicks than that – our data says [this is where they say there have been many visitors to their pages on Business Magnet, and many of those have clicked through to the customer website].

Us: can you give us the dates and times of the clicks from you to our customer website?

Business Magnet: no, we don’t have records of that.

Us: if you know how many clicks they’ve supposedly had, then surely you know the dates and times of those clicks?

Business Magnet then makes up an excuse of why they don’t have that data.


What Business Magnet says vs what really happens

Business Magnet rely on customers who don’t know where their enquiries originate from.

They charge fees for listings on the Business Magnet website, and many customers blindly renew those year after year.

Business Magnet will supply data that apparently shows numbers of page views and also numbers of clicks to the customer website.

But they seemingly don’t have the technology to prove the dates and times of those clicks.

That’s kind of strange for a company with their financial resources.

Within A1WebStats, we can track the clicks into a customer website (from any source, including Business Magnet).

Here’s an example …

Business Magnet Referrer Example

We can see:

  1. The total incoming clicks from Business Magnet over a chosen period of time.
  2. What each of those clickers looked at on the website after landing.

There is a substantial difference between our figures and what Business Magnet says.


The conversation then changes

Business Magnet will then try and focus on the benefits of having content on their website, and how so many people find that content from Google searches (which ultimately leads those people to click through to customer websites).

That sounds great, and although there is a minor SEO benefit to having a bigger profile on Business Magnet, their website is not as popular with Google as they portray it to be.

In fact, it stinks!

That’s where the test comes in …


The test

  1. Go to Google.
  2. Search for something related to your industry/what you sell (for example ‘red widgets’).
  3. Scan through the search results.
  4. Do you see Business Magnet pages appearing prominently within those search results?
  5. We suspect not.

So the reality is that, even if you’re paying to be on Business Magnet, you’re not going to be easily discovered on that website via a Google search.


How to assess whether Business Magnet is useful to you or not

If you already have a listing (paid or unpaid) on Business Magnet, go to our page and sign up for a free 30 day trial.

During your trial, ask our people to show you how to look at visitors from Business Magnet.

Be prepared to be disappointed.

But at the same time, pleased that you’ll find the truth.

While waiting for website visitors data to accumulate, type some search phrases into Google – the sort of phrases that you would want to be visible under.   Check to see whether Business Magnet appears in those search results.

Armed with such information you’ll be able to decide whether or not it’s worth paying for a bigger Business Magnet profile.

We’re pretty sure we know what the answer will be.

What happens after the A1WebStats trial?

Nothing if you don’t want it to.

If we’ve helped you avoid wasting budget then that’s great, and our pleasure.

If you find value in continuing with A1WebStats after the trial (in various ways) then equally great.

But you’ll never be sold to when you take a trial of A1WebStats – of that you can be assured.



A1WebStats exists to help businesses gain more results from their websites.

From tracking the names of companies that visited, through to assessing what return on investment is being gained from marketing, and very much focused on how to get more enquiries about products or services.

If we can help in any way, related to this Business Magnet article, or anything else, please do email us on


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