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Lead Forensics website speed test

Lead Forensics love to tell the world they’re brilliant (in their view).

Their focus is primarily: “if you chase companies that have visited your website, then you have nothing else to worry about”.

Lead Forensics have huge resources pumped into keeping that (outdated) message alive.

What they don’t understand is that such messages damage companies who don’t think deeper.

Businesses need to use data in more intelligent ways, something that we very much encourage at A1WebStats.

Those who know us will know that we consistently say: “yes, we can show you companies that visited your website, but wouldn’t it be better if you used our system to identify website and marketing weaknesses to fix, and THEN you’ll get more companies contacting you, instead of you having to contact them?!”

Stronger websites = more enquiries being gained – it’s never been any different.

Websites can be strengthened in a range of ways (too many to cover here).

One of those is ensuring that the website loads quickly (which will impress humans, while staying on the right side of Google).

Here’s the current view (May 2021) of the Lead  Forensics site speed performance, according to GTmetrix (try it out yourself at

Lead Forensics site speed

Grade F!

That’s from a large turnover business that has many resources to call on.

Compare that to the A1WebStats (a tiny business in comparison to Lead Forensics) site speed performance:

A1WebStats site speed

Grade B isn’t perfect, but it’s immensely better than the Lead Forensics Grade F.

If we can achieve Grade B with limited resources, then anyone with more resources can achieve equal or better.

Sort of proves a point – Lead Forensics have little concept of what matters with website visitors, including having little respect for those who visit their website (site load time).

The same thing applies with all aspects of website performance – respect the visitors and they will be more likely to make contact.

All businesses, regardless of size, have the opportunity to make their websites stronger – they usually just need a nudge in the right direction.

Lead Forensics will pick up on this article, and deservedly will likely hammer those resources who allowed them to embarrass themselves in this way, working towards making improvements.   So we’ve probably done them a favour, while taking enjoyment from highlighting their lack of focus.



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