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Lead Forensics Competitors

This page was last checked for accuracy in January 2021

If you’re reading this then it’s quite likely that you either:

  1. Are an existing customer of Lead Forensics, or;
  2. Have been approached by Lead Forensics and are looking for their competitors to see what else is available.

Good news: you’re in the right place.


What Lead Forensics are good at

Lead Forensics are very good at proactively contacting businesses, encouraging them to trial their software, and then to keep on at them until they buy or go elsewhere.  It’s a hard sales technique that must be benefiting them or they wouldn’t carry on doing it (although it’s worth noting that their actual customer numbers are low compared to the level of active lead generation they do, which implies that something isn’t right about the model).

Because they’re so proactive, they do a wonderful job of raising awareness that it’s possible to identify companies that visit your website.  We definitely approve of such awareness raising because such information can help businesses gain more from their website visitors (IF they have the sales resources prepared to actively follow up on that knowledge).

However, the Lead Forensics solution requires a certain budget and it’s only natural that people will search for Lead Forensics competitors online to see which other companies can provide a similar service, which A1WebStats (amongst others) do.

The purpose of this blog is not to bash Lead Forensics (we have another blog that directly compares us to them) but is instead to focus on who is in the market, that you may wish to consider.

Why would we offer such information?  Because we genuinely want you to choose the solution that’s right for you.


Who are competitors to Lead Forensics?

Although the numbers rise over time, there are several competitors who offer a similar solution.  These are listed alphabetically, not because it puts us top of the list (!) but so as not to imply bias …

  • A1WebStats
  • CANDDi
  • Gator Leads
  • IPFingerprint
  • Leadfeeder
  • Ruler Analytics
  • Whoisvisiting

There will be more than that but those are the most significant players.


How do you compare Lead Forensics competitors benefits?

  1. Your time is limited.
  2. You probably don’t really have time to do a detailed comparison between each of those potential suppliers.
  3. There are no unbiased and independent reviews that accurately compare the pros and cons of each provider.

Being completely honest, there’s no substitute for you allocating a set period of time to really dig into the pros and cons of each provider.

Just because someone has offered you a super limited time deal to get their system, it doesn’t mean that’s the right path to take.  If you were buying an electronic device for example, in a market where there is competition, you’re going to spend time researching the benefits of each.

Or, to put that in an unflowery way:

If you’ve spent this long having no detailed insights into your website visitors, and have lost business all that time, then does it really matter if you spend a few more weeks on researching the options so that you get it right?

Click here to see 16 reasons why A1WebStats will get you more business than Lead Forensics.


Focusing on what actually matters

There’s one huge problem with Lead Forensics, and all their competitors that offer similar:

They all focus your attention on chasing companies that visited your website.

But consider this:

Many of your website visitors would be ‘business people’ but can’t be identified.

So perhaps your thinking should be: “why aren’t we getting more enquiries/sales via our website visitors in general?”

We’ve created a page that focuses on death by companies chasing that’s worth you spending time on.  That page effectively says that too much focus on chasing companies (that visited your website) detracts away from what actually matters, which ultimately leads to your competitors gaining more business.


Focus on what you want to achieve but keep an open mind

At A1WebStats we get many trial subscribers who are purely interested in seeing details of companies that go to their website.

Regardless of what we say about all the other functionality our system provides, those people are focused on what THEY want to get out of such a system (identifying companies).

It doesn’t matter to them that identifying visiting companies is a small part of using software to gain more from websites.

Sometimes they buy from us and sometimes from our competitors.

It’s VERY common that those who buy Lead Forensics come back to us after the year they’ve been tied into an expensive contract, having realised that there is a bigger picture to consider.

The point we’re making here is that each system you could trial is going to have some elements that are similar and some that are ‘extras’.  Our recommendation is for you to take this viewpoint:

  1. Having trialled it, does the system do what you primarily want it to do, within budget you have available?
  2. If it doesn’t then eliminate it as an option to consider.
  3. If it does meet your primary objective, then keep an open mind as to what other functionality is available and how that can help you.


Questions to ask yourself

When considering competitors to Lead Forensics, we advise you ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How long are you locked into the arrangement?  Lead Forensics themselves will lock you into a minimum contract of one year and you’ll be lucky if you get that for less than £150 per month.
  2. How long would it take you to get return on investment on the fees paid?
  3. Have you fully absorbed what the potential supplier solution offers?  Although a time cost to you, it’s well worth speaking to people in those companies, expressing what you’d like to achieve, or what you’re lacking from your website visitors.  Chances are they may provide input that which would be beneficial to you (for example, identifying wastage from Google Ads clicks is something we commonly see with A1WebStats triallers).



We hope this insight has been useful to you.

At A1WebStats we genuinely want every business to be using this type of analytics solution.

Obviously, we’d love it if most businesses chose us, but a good second best is knowing that, whatever solution is chosen,  that businesses are making themselves stronger via analysing their website visitors in more detail, which can only be good for their businesses.

Whether or not you choose to trial us, we wish you well in comparing all the Lead Forensics competitors open to you.


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