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How to lose business with Lead Forensics, Leadfeeder, Whoisvisiting & Albacross

How COVID-19 affects how you read this page

The world has changed.

Limited focus products like Lead Forensics, Leadfeeder, Whoisvisiting & Albacross are now weakened.


Because they show you which companies visit your website.

That’s OK in historic times but COVID-19 changed everything.

Huge numbers of company people are now working from home part-time or full-time.

That means you won’t see home-working company people appearing in your data (unless they access via a VPN).

For example, there’s a person from a company who is working from home and they are looking for suppliers …

They go to many websites including yours …

But there’s no way of identifying them by company name.

Most of our competitors won’t even show them in your data because they don’t show you the non-companies data (internet providers & telcos).

It’s as if those people don’t exist.

Instead you won’t see anything – not even the internet providers or telco’s.  It’s as if they don’t exist (although they do in A1WebStats data).

Compare your website visitors data now to how it was in early February 2020 – you’ll see substantially lower numbers of companies identified.

In times when companies are slashing budget out of necessity, maybe you should be thinking about ripping up the contract you have with your visiting companies provider?

This is especially important if paying the high prices that Lead Forensics charge.

Yes, you may be in a contract, but what matters more? …

  1. Keeping budget within your business in tough times when you need it most, or;
  2. Dealing with a nasty letter from the company you signed the contract with (who will show their true colours at a time when business is tough enough already), who aren’t actually able to deliver what they’re supposed to.

You shouldn’t really be locked into a contract anyway – that’s madness in a world where you should be able to pay for services month by month (as we offer at A1WebStats).

You may wonder why A1WebStats are recommending killing off contracts you’re in with our competitors, when we are offering visiting companies information as part of our product.

The answer is: we don’t have those visiting companies either but what we do have is a solution that will gain you a lot more business than the insanity of chasing companies that have visited your website.

Read on to find out more (and we promise no more mention of COVID-19!) …


If you’re reading this page then you’re most likely to be someone either interested in, or already using one of the following:

  • Albacross
  • Leadfeeder
  • Lead Forensics
  • Whoisvisiting

The purpose of this page is to highlight the dangers of pinning too much of your sales success to any of those products – dangers that include your company losing business to your competitors.

Our purpose is also to help prove that A1WebStats will gain you HUGE amounts more success from your website than any of the above will.

Not got time to look through this page in detail?  You may want to skip to death by companies chasing.


The myths of companies-chasing

In theory it sounds great …

  1. Identify companies that visited your website.
  2. Reach out to those companies.
  3. Gain new business from those companies.

YES, it can be beneficial (part of the A1WebStats system also provides companies identification).

BUT it can also LOSE you business.

More about that further on but for now, some of the myths around companies chasing, mostly promoted by people within those companies above …


Myth – you can identify most of the companies that visit your website.

This is the biggest lie of all.

The truth is that, out of all the visitors to your website during a chosen time period, most businesses will be able to identify only between 10-30% of those visitors as being from identifiable companies.

Some may be lower than 10% and others may be a bit above 30% but, based on our own (A1WebStats) data, the ‘norm’ is 10-20% of visitors identifiable as businesses.


Myth – all that matters are identifiable companies

All our competitors show you what they portray as being the only data of any value to a business.  They show you identifiable companies, which represents a relatively small percentage of the total website visitors.

Fact: many of the other (unidentifiable) visitors (that A1WebStats shows you) to your website will be people from companies who fall into these categories:

  1. Working from home.
  2. Accessing your website from another place (e.g. hotel wifi).
  3. Accessing your website from a mobile device.
  4. Using an internet infrastructure in their normal work location that’s not identifiable as that company.

You may think that’s not important but read on to see just how important it is.


Myth – you will convert lots of company visits to business

Reality – if people from identifiable companies have been to your website but haven’t made contact with you, then you may think it’s worth reaching out to them.   Here are a few reasons that you will often get poor results:

  1. Your website wasn’t good enough to make them want to get in contact after their visit to you, so what makes you think they’ll want to engage with you even if you do make contact? By the time you contact them they will have gone to a competitor who had a better online presence.
  2. Even where some of our competitors offer you contact details of people within those visiting companies, it will rarely be those people who were on your website and those people will not be impressed that you contacted them when they didn’t visit your website in the first place!
  3. Your competitors will also be using similar software and so you’ll all be chasing the same company that went to each of your websites. The gatekeepers in those visiting companies are getting increasingly good at blocking people who try and make contact.



Things to try for yourself

Either using A1WebStats to get the complete picture (you can sign up for a free 30 day trial) or even using the basics of Google Analytics, here are a few things to try for yourself.

The purpose of these is to prove to you that if you don’t stay ahead of your competitors, you will lose out …

… particularly if you don’t think far enough beyond ‘companies tracking/chasing’.


Prove a point

This is an easy one.

Contact people you know well who work within a random selection of businesses.  Get those people to go to your website and look at a particular page – all on the same day, ideally when you know the time they did it as well.

Look at your analytics (A1WebStats will show you this much better than Google Analytics can) and look at the visitors to that particular page on that day.

Then use something like Lead Forensics, Leadfeeder, Whoisvisiting, or Albacross to look at the same time period.

You’ll find that A1WebStats shows you the visitors, and in many cases they won’t be identifiable by their company names.

You’ll also see that within our competitor products, many of those visitors just won’t be shown as ‘website visits’ in that time period.  In fact, they won’t exist in their systems – as if they don’t exist/matter.

For example, this visitor below (taken from A1WebStats) has a pages visited pattern that implies they are a potential customer, but they can’t be identified as a company from their IP address:

Relevant unidentifiable visitor

Our competitors wouldn’t show you that the visit happened.

Just because they can’t be identified, doesn’t mean that their visit to your website is irrelevant.  As you’ll see further down, it’s highly relevant.

This will prove to you that it’s not possible to identify so many companies.


Look at a product or service

Again, A1WebStats will make this easier to do.

Pick a product or service that you offer on your website.

Use analytics (including Google Analytics) to identify the number of people that got to that part of your website within a chosen time frame (we suggest at least a week).

Then remove noise data (e.g. filter only by people from your target geography who got to that product or service page – this is much easier to do in A1WebStats than Google Analytics).

See what number of visitors you end up with.

Also compare that number to what products like Lead Forensics, Leadfeeder, Whoisvisiting, or Albacross show as the number of visitors who got to that part of your website.  You’ll see that the numbers are very different to those of Google Analytics or A1WebStats.

Here’s an example:

100 people got to a widgets page AND were from the UK or USA

A1WebStats shows the page by page visit of each of those 100 people – some are identifiable as companies, most are not.

Competitor products show you ONLY the identifiable companies out of those 100 visitors.  Let’s say that number was 20.

That leaves 80 of visitors to that product or service page, who can’t be identified, but would have included ‘company people who couldn’t be identified’.

Compare those 100 visits to the widgets page to the level of enquiries gained about that product or service (let’s say it was 3 enquiries gained).

Ask yourself what you can do about the 97 visitors who didn’t make contact with you.

You could try to follow up with the 20 identifiable companies (well, those that weren’t competitors, or existing clients, or ‘noise’!).

You should wonder why the other 77 didn’t make contact with your business, assuming that many of those were ‘company people’.

If you’re totally confused by the above, take a free 30 day trial with A1WebStats and we’ll take you through the logic – using your own business website visitors data – within a call/screenshare during your trial.

This leads onto …



Death by companies chasing

Take your business and some competitors.

You’re all identifying and chasing companies that visit your websites (each using the same or different products to identify those companies).

Those companies have probably been to each of your websites.

Then one day, one of your competitors decides to use website analytics more intelligently.

They start to analyse reasons that stop visitors from getting in contact.

They find the problems and they get them fixed.

Companies start to contact them (having been more impressed by their website) and they gain more business.

You and your other competitors are still chasing companies, while your enlightened competitor is hoovering up new business by focusing on what matters: giving potential buyers enough reasons to make contact after they’ve been to their website.

You and/or your competitors will see declines in business and will start to die a slow death.

That’s not an exaggeration, we’ve seen it happen many times – we’ve seen businesses who don’t focus on their online presence and end up being shut down, when they had plenty of opportunity to avoid that happening.

It’s stupid and no-one is immune.  We’ve seen business owners, sales staff, marketing staff, and consultants all directly responsible for the declines of their businesses because they ignored the signs that their websites needed care and attention.

It’s not a nice word to use, but the cancer within businesses are the people who don’t think expansively enough about what matters.

Think your business doesn’t have that problem?  Take a trial with us and be ready to have your eyes opened.



The A1WebStats difference

Fact: people going to your website will also go to the websites of your competitors.

Fact: those same people will make contact with the website that resonates most with them.

Fact: many of those people will not be identifiable by company name and so you could never ‘chase’ them after their visit – they’re gone forever.

Fact: your competitors are probably also chasing the same companies that you are.

Fact: A1WebStats takes you beyond companies chasing and into website success.

The difference between A1WebStats and all our competitors is that we take this view:

While it can sometimes be useful to follow up with identifiable companies to your website, it’s immensely more useful to find ways to ensure that ‘company people’ (whether identifiable or not) proactively decide to contact your business.

For those people to contact your business, they’re going to need to be impressed with your website.

For your website to be impressive, you need to use website visitors analytics data intelligently.

And that’s where A1WebStats makes the difference …



It costs you nothing to gain more business from your website

If you follow our recommended path, within a free 30 day trial of A1WebStats you will have identified how to gain more business from your website.

It works like this:

  1. Sign up for a free trial.
  2. Install our tracking code to start collecting data.
  3. Have access to your data all the way through the trial.
  4. Expect NO sales pitch (we never try to sell our system).
  5. Have a call/screenshare with us during your trial.
  6. Absorb our insights into your website visitors data during that call.
  7. Implement recommended (usually simple and inexpensive) changes that will gain you more enquiries from your website.
  8. Be thankful that you took our trial.



It costs you nothing to continue with A1WebStats after your trial

Well, not quite – over 90% of our customers pay £30-50 per month (and can cancel any time) after the trial, so if you wanted to continue, there is a cost.

However, we’re dedicated to showing you how to recoup your costs for months and years ahead, so in reality A1WebStats costs you nothing, as long as you use the system in the ways it’s intended to benefit you.

We would be extremely disappointed if any customer of ours didn’t gain return on investment within a relatively short period of time using A1WebStats.

We’d also be really disappointed if we didn’t have customers who have been with us for many years – many going back nearly a decade.


Your value to us as a potential customer

You may think your value to us is you paying a month to month subscription.  It is, but it’s not our ultimate goal.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve both of these with each of our subscribers:

  1. You gain more business, via how our system/insights help you. That makes you more successful and helps to grow the economy.
  2. You tell others about us, allowing them the opportunity to benefit in similar ways.



Still convinced that companies-chasing is the answer?

Well, good luck – you may get some successes but you will ultimately lose out to competitors who act intelligently with their online presence.

Unfortunately, if you are still wedded to companies-chasing as being some sort of magic solution, you’re probably not a potential customer of A1WebStats.

We only want future winners, not future losers.

The losers will focus on chasing companies and little else.

The winners will get those companies proactively contacting them because they have delivered a website that is better than others they will have looked at.


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