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16 reasons why A1WebStats will get you more business than Lead Forensics

How the after-effects of COVID-19 relate to how you read this page

Whether or not you use Lead Forensics, you could avoid making a costly mistake by reading this page.

The world has changed.

Limited focus products like Lead Forensics are now of less value.


Because Lead Forensics shows you which companies visit your website.

It was never perfect – such software would typically identify a range of 10-20% of your website visitors as being companies.

The problem now is that so many more company people are now working from home part or full time.

During the Covid lockdowns Lead Forensics and others (including us) saw a huge decline in identifiable companies visiting websites.

In fact, there was a huge decline in website visitors traffic overall, which was understandable noting the economic and geographic impacts of the pandemic.

You may wonder why A1WebStats are recommending keeping away from Lead Forensics, when we offer visiting companies identification as part of our own product.

The answer is: we don’t see ‘companies identification’ as being the definitive solution to gaining more sales from website visitors.

That’s why we built A1WebStats to achieve so much more than that.

Read on to find out more (and we promise no more mention of COVID-19!) …

Why we created this page

We’ve spoken to thousands of businesses over the years and there have been some common ‘Lead Forensics’ themes coming out of those conversations.  The most dominant themes have been:

  1. Lead Forensics sold me something that didn’t turn out as I hoped.
  2. I was given the impression that Lead Forensics could show me all companies that visited my website but it doesn’t seem to apply to all companies.
  3. I’m locked into a long Lead Forensics contract and can’t get out of it.

We’ve heard it all.

The most concerning comments are from those people who got sold something that’s costing them too much (compared to benefits) and their businesses have less budget to spend on other activities that will benefit them.

Our view is that every business has a right to ‘sell’ whenever they see an opportunity, but that it’s the ethical businesses that will sell only to those who will fully benefit from the service or product.

At A1WebStats we count ourselves as an ethical business.  And we don’t ‘sell’ – our objective is to educate businesses in what really matters about website visitors.

Lead Forensics is of course beneficial to many of their customers.  However, the product encourages a blinkered approach to what really matters, ultimately leading to losing more business opportunities than those that can be gained from chasing companies that have visited your website.

Here we offer reasons for you to consider us and not Lead Forensics.


Reason 1 – The most important reason of all

Out of every 100 visitors to your website, only a relatively small percentage will be identifiable as companies.  This is typically 5-20%

What about the value in knowledge about the other 80-95% of website visitors?  Even though they’re not identifiable as companies, their website movements should be of interest to you.

For example, if 100 people visit a service or product page, and 10 of them can be identified as companies, that could be useful (to follow up on).  But what about the other 90?

Out of those 100 visitors, what could have been improved (within your website or your marketing) that would get:

  1. More of the 10 identifiable companies making contact with you (instead of you having to chase them because your product or service page wasn’t strong enough)?
  2. More of the other 90 making contact with you?

Lead Forensics does not give you this depth of insight – they focus primarily on showing you just a small element of data related to your website visitors, which are the identifiable companies.

You may think that Google Analytics gives you such insights but it only goes to a limited depth of analysis, that ultimately loses you potential business if not digging deeper.

The A1WebStats system provides details of visiting companies but very much encourages you to use the full functionality of the system in order to get huge return on investment.

To summarise this most important reason of all, there’s an experiment you could do:

  1. Don’t be forced into a Lead Forensics purchase, regardless of how good the opportunity seems to be.
  2. From the data you’ve picked up from your Lead Forensics trial, follow up on all the companies that Lead Forensics identify as having visited your website. Measure what results you gain from that.
  3. Compare those results to the cost of Lead Forensics, remembering that you’ll be locked into a contract of typically 12 months.
  4. Invest time in using many of the features within the A1WebStats system (which you could easily do within the 30 day free trial), which allow you to highlight opportunities to strengthen your website and online marketing.
  5. Note the difference in enquiry levels you gain (having strengthened your website), without having to chase companies that visited.
  6. Compare your increased levels of enquiries to the cost of the A1WebStats system.

Always remember that Lead Forensics are asking you to commit to a long contract.

If they had confidence that their product would gain you as much business as products such as A1WebStats can, then they would allow you to pay month to month and cancel whenever you wanted to.

This leads onto Reason 2 …


Reason 2 – A limited access Lead Forensics trial hides the true picture

A1WebStats give you a full access trial. You can log in to see all data related to your website visitors whenever you want to.  Lead Forensics seem to sporadically allow you to log into your trial account, which makes it hard to compare to other products (such as A1WebStats).

When you have full access to A1WebStats it will be clear during the trial how you can use the system in a much more beneficial way (to get more business) than the Lead Forensics system can provide, which helps you to avoid committing to a Lead Forensics paid contract too early (and losing out on the additional benefits that A1WebStats provide).


Reason 3 – Wasted time chasing ‘leads’

So you’ve identified companies that have visited your website (whether you use Lead Forensics, A1WebStats, or something else).   You may even have access to some features that hopefully get you closer to speaking to the right person from the visiting company.

More often than not, you’ll be piling a lot of time into chasing ‘leads’ that bear little fruit.

At A1WebStats we believe that such time could be better spent in strengthening the website and the methods used to drive traffic to the website.   The A1WebStats system has been specifically designed to help you focus on what matters: people visiting the website but not making contact, meaning that there’s opportunity to make the website stronger.

Lead Forensics doesn’t offer such functionality, preferring instead to put a sticking plaster over the problem, which is chasing companies who ideally would have made contact in the first place (if the website was strong enough).


Reason 4 – Loss of spending power

94% of A1WebStats customers pay £50 per month (or less if choosing to get the discount by pre-paying for 12 months).  Lead Forensics, even at the lower end of their fees, will cost you a bare minimum £150+ per month, likely higher.

With A1WebStats you can cancel at any time, having spent only multiples of £450 for each month as a subscriber.  With Lead Forensics you are automatically committed to a bare minimum of £1,800 (12 x £150) over a year contract (if you’re lucky to get pricing that low).

Even if you paid month to month with A1WebStats, that would cost you £480-600 for a year, compared to at least £1,800 with Lead Forensics.

It’s worth considering how you could utilise the difference of £1,200 (upwards) to strengthen your business.  That gives you more flexibility to spend on paid advertising, SEO, copywriting, social media, and a lot more.

For every product or service you buy for your business, there will be a reduction in budget available for other spending that could benefit your business.


Reason 5 – A longer trial allows you to fully consider your purchase decision

A1WebStats provides a 30 day free trial.  Lead Forensics tends to offer a week (sometimes extended).

If you’re only ever going to be interested in the identifiable companies that visit your website, then the Lead Forensics trial length may be enough for you.

However, if you utilise the guidance and functionality within the A1WebStats system, taking your time over the 30 days, then you will discover a lot more about your website visitors than could be possible with a Lead Forensics trial of a week.

How does Reason 5 get you more business than Lead Forensics?   A one week Lead Forensics trial, during which you don’t fully appreciate the alternative options, can lead to 52 weeks of limited website success.


Reason 6 – When you commit to a contract too early you could be unaware of the benefits of alternatives

A1WebStats has no contracts.  Although you do have the option to pay for 12 months in advance (to gain a discount), most subscribers pay month to month and can instantly cancel at any time.  Lead Forensics will commit you to at least a 12 month contract, paying much more than A1WebStats, and unable to get out of that contract.

A1WebStats deliberately has no contracts.  We oppose the concept of people being locked into any service that could easily be transacted on a month to month payment basis, and without any commitment.

If you commit to a Lead Forensics contract too early, without utilising the deeper functionality of A1WebStats then you’re unlikely to pay for two systems.  This means that you’ll miss out on the ways in which A1WebStats can help you to gain more success from your website (which is functionality that Lead Forensics doesn’t have).

With A1WebStats you also have no risk of being ‘locked in’.  Beyond the free trial of 30 days you could pay for a month and then cancel and go to Lead Forensics if you wanted to.  With Lead Forensics you don’t have that choice and so can end up committing budget and end up with a companies identification system that you’re tied into by contract.  And, if you’re focused purely on identifying companies that visit your website then you’re missing out on huge opportunities by not using analytics in a way that will fully benefit your business.

We have many companies come to us towards the end of their Lead Forensics first year contract, realising that in hindsight, they should have fully considered the options open to them.


Reason 7 – The Wolf of Wall Street

Many people who contact us have likened the Lead Forensics culture to the film The Wolf of Wall Street.

Lead Forensics even seem to revel in the comparison, as you can see within the comments as part of the video below.

If you’ve seen the film, then you’ll understand.  If you haven’t seen the film, then it’d be time well spent to appreciate the need to be wary of bright shiny things that look wonderful.

In the film (The Wolf of Wall Street), the sales pitches are slick and the only true beneficiaries are those who do the selling.   They get rich by selling what appears to be wonderful, relying heavily on sales technique.  This makes it easy to get sucked into what can become buyers remorse.

A1WebStats has no hype or wild promises about what our system can do.  If anything, we understate the power of what’s actually available.  Sometimes we even poke fun at ourselves.

The most hype/sales you will see from A1WebStats is a simple promise:

If used in the way it’s intended, analytical insights provided by the A1WebStats system are guaranteed to lead to substantial business success.

And, to back that up, we give you access to everything within the 30 day free trial so that you can experience it for yourself.  And you can leave us at any time – instantly.

Also, A1WebStats have never thrown any midgets around the office.

And we don’t have the Lead Forensic cringe-inducing bell that is rung when a sale is made …



Reason 8 – Honesty about visiting companies

It’s easy to be seduced by Lead Forensics sales people painting a picture that you can track so many companies that visit your website.   The reality is quite different.

A1WebStats are always honest about what you can realistically expect from the companies tracking part of our (or any) system.

At best, such systems will be able to identify a percentage (typically 5-20%) of all visitors as being from identifiable companies.  All the other visitors aren’t shown in the Lead Forensics system but they do appear within A1WebStats data.   Although unidentifiable as companies, many of them will have been people from companies.

You can experiment for yourself – use Lead Forensics, us, or any other similar solution and ask a few friends from small businesses to go to your website.  Then see how many of them were identifiable on the dates and times they visited.  For further details on this please see our page a simple test.

How does this get you more business than Lead Forensics?  With A1WebStats you can discover more about seemingly anonymous visitors …

A1WebStats shows you details of all website visitors, whether or not they’re identifiable as companies.  Many of those will have static IP addresses but just aren’t easy to identify as companies.

With A1WebStats there are methods that make it possible for you to identify more of those companies and tag them within your account.   Here are four useful guides that focus specifically on identifying companies from data that A1WebStats provides, but Lead Forensics doesn’t:

How to identify all your current customers visiting your website

How to get the best out of your incoming calls and outbound sales calls

How to turn email marketing clicks into identifiable companies

How to link your incoming enquiries back to their marketing sources

Lead Forensics doesn’t provide you with the ability to link seemingly anonymous visitors to company names, meaning that you have no way to record valuable information about companies that you know have visited your website.

A1WebStats does.


Reason 9 – Culture and structure as a barrier

We often hear that people have committed to Lead Forensics and then realised that their own company culture/structure can’t fully capitalise on the information provided.   That’s not the fault of Lead Forensics, except from the perspective that a longer and full access Lead Forensics trial would allow the buyer to identify that their internal culture/structure would be a barrier.

At A1WebStats we encourage a longer (30 day) free trial so that businesses have the opportunity to decide whether what the system provides is going to be a match for culture and structure.

We would rather a potential subscriber doesn’t buy (and possibly comes back at a later stage) than pays (even just one or two months) and then realises that they hadn’t got value because they didn’t have the structure/culture to best-capitalise on the information.

We oppose the fact that Lead Forensics will allow any company to buy their system, and they then realise that they’ve wasted budget because their business culture/structure is not ready.

At A1WebStats we actively discourage many triallers from paying.  Some other triallers still decide to pay and then cancel a few months later when they realise their culture/structure isn’t able to capitalise on the data.  But at least they have that option to cancel whenever they want to and so haven’t committed too much budget.


Reason 10 – What really matters: selling MORE of products or services

What’s preferable – 1 or 2 below?

  1. Identifying companies that visit the website, who haven’t made contact, and then spending time and resources trying to get through to the right person.
  2. Understanding overall patterns of visitors to certain product or service pages, followed by making positive changes to those pages, leading to more visitors who will make contact with you in the first place.

If you think the answer is number 2 then A1WebStats wins over Lead Forensics and this page gives you the detail of how to focus on that second point:  how to sell more of any product or service on your website.

That page is not a short read, nor does it give you a five minute quick fix.  But, for the 1 out of 10 of you that follow the recommendations, your business will boom as a result.


Reason 11 – Getting the best from email marketing

Your email marketing activities will result in recipients opening their emails from a wide range of locations.   If those locations are not clearly identifiable as ‘companies’ (e.g. the person has opened the email at home or while travelling, or from a location that’s not easily identifiable as a company), then Lead Forensics will not be able to help.

With A1WebStats there is a way that you can link email marketing clicks back to their paths through your website, which allows you to tag those visitors within A1WebStats, plus give you useful insights into which people showed more interest in your website beyond the landing page.


Reason 12 – Rolling into another year

Although A1WebStats month to month subscribers have an ongoing rolling monthly payment, it can be easily cancelled at any time.

With Lead Forensics you are expected to notify them (well ahead of the annual contract due date) if you don’t want to continue.  If you forget then you will find yourself locked into further contracted time with them, which means a repeat of less money for you to allocate in other ways.


Reason 13 – Instant identification and tagging of website visitors

If someone rings your business and you know they’re on your website at the time of the call, or you ring someone that you encourage to go to your website (e.g. via a sales call), you can always see their visit in A1WebStats, even when they’re initially unidentifiable as a company.

With Lead Forensics you don’t see any of that non-identifiable data.

Why does that mean that Lead Forensics can lose you business by not having that functionality?

With A1WebStats, when you identify someone who is on your website, you can edit their details so that you’ll recognise them if they come back to your website in the future.

This page shows you how to do that:

How to get the best out of your incoming calls and outbound sales calls

Lead Forensics don’t give you that flexibility.


Reason 14 – Helping with landing page conversions

Lead Forensics will show you if someone from an identifiable company lands on certain website pages, and where they go to afterwards.  That has some value.

A1WebStats shows you everyone (regardless of whether they’re identifiable as a company) that lands on certain website pages, and where they go to afterwards.

Why is it important to identify everyone who landed on a particular page?

If you’re interested in getting more results from all visitors who land on website pages, then the insights from A1WebStats will provide you with a lot more useful information than purely the companies that Lead Forensics shows you.  If you have set up your marketing so that, in theory, only companies will land on specific pages, then you will benefit from seeing data related to ALL landers on those pages and not just the identifiable companies.

This page takes you through how A1WebStats lets you analyse ALL landing pages and also guides you on bounces from those landing pages.


Reason 15 – Deluxe vs Enough

The Lead Forensics system has some nice features that may be attractive to you (and that other providers, including A1WebStats, don’t have).   If the higher cost to get those features is worth it for you then Lead Forensics would be a clear choice.  Otherwise, systems like A1WebStats being ‘enough’ will give you functionality that is sufficient for your needs and so saves you budget.

Sometimes those ‘extra’ features are of limited value.  For example, Lead Forensics allow you to buy details (email etc.) of people from the company that has visited your website.  That’s not the same as knowing exactly WHO went to your website from that company.  So what happens is that you contact people, thinking they were the person who went to your website, but they weren’t.

We often get trial subscribers who go on to buy from us, who say that although they liked some of the extras that Lead Forensics provide, the big cost difference didn’t justify the benefits of those features.


Reason 16 – Identifying referring pages

If you have external websites linking into your website and people from companies click on those links, Lead Forensics will show you the companies that clicked.   What Lead Forensics won’t be able to show you (but A1WebStats does) are all the visitors who came in from those external website links.

How does this get you more business than Lead Forensics?

Rather than chasing those few companies (that Lead Forensics can show you) that you know visited via those external links, A1WebStats lets you dig into the overall picture of all those visitors who clicked, and how they navigated through your website.  This allows you to consider ways that you can refine the website visitor experience and possibly the external website page that gains you the clicks, so that more of those clickers become enquiries for you.


In conclusion

Obviously, we’re biased towards our A1WebStats product but we think it’s important to raise the subject of the lost opportunities if you buy Lead Forensics.

We have many current subscribers who originally trialled us side by side with Lead Forensics, decided to buy Lead Forensics, then realised that it wasn’t the best decision to make, then coming back to us after ending their Lead Forensics contract.  In many cases they didn’t have the budget to subscribe to us earlier than the end of their Lead Forensics contract, which is such a shame because the A1WebStats system could have gained them more success from their websites a lot earlier.

Because Lead Forensics are so proactive in contacting businesses, most of which previously had little idea that it was possible to identify companies visiting a website, there is a golden opportunity to sell something that is ‘shiny and new’.   To the person in the business it’s tempting because on the surface it appears to be as easy as:

  1. See which companies visited the website and what they looked at page by page.
  2. Contact those companies.
  3. Gain business.

But it’s not that easy for any businesses except for those that have the resources and culture to get the best out of it.  And with such a short trial period offered by Lead Forensics, it’s tempting to buy so as not to miss the opportunity.

It’s often (sadly) only after purchase and when digging into the subject in more depth, that businesses realise that there are cheaper options available and that those other options have their own extra focus.  In the case of A1WebStats, that focus is on using analytics to identify website weak points so that those can be fixed, which ultimately generates more enquiries in the first place.

Our mission is the same as it’s always been:

For our software to help businesses (particularly smaller businesses) to grow through finding opportunities to increase conversions from website visitors to enquiries/sales. 

If companies can be identified as part of the functionality of the A1WebStats system then that’s useful, but it’s only part of the more important uses for analytics software.

If you would like to trial A1WebStatsWebStats free for 30 days, please do visit our trial sign up page.

If you’d like to see more about the many ways in which A1WebStats can help you gain more business from your website visitors (than Lead Forensics can) then please go to our how to pages, which leads you down paths of most interest to you.

And of course, if we can answer any questions at all, then please do contact us and we’ll be happy to help.




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