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Identifying companies that go to your website

Many businesses are now using software (e.g. A1WebStats) to identify companies that have visited their website.

They do this because:

  1. They want to see what those visiting companies looked at page by page.
  2. They want to understand what brought them to their website (which form of marketing pulled them in).
  3. If the visiting company didn’t make contact with them, they have options to then reach out to that company.

Here’s an example:

Example of company visitor USA


In the example above, the business is a food producer and so that visitor to their website interests them in the following ways:

  1. They were from Crystal Farms Cheese, which would be a potential buyer of their product (palletizers).
  2. They came from a Bing search.
  3. They were from their geographical target area.
  4. They looked at pages that implied a good level of interest.
  5. They spent a few minutes on the website.
  6. They had previously been to the website 3 days before.

This short video summarises how A1WebStats identifies companies visiting your website and what you can do with that information …



How A1WebStats subscribers use companies tracking

The culture within our subscribers differs widely, when presented with information about companies that have visited their website …

Some are very proactive and use a variety of methods to try and reach out to those businesses who hadn’t made contact with them.  Methods including telephone, LinkedIn connections, email, and other methods such as letters and video cards.

Some are more casually interested in certain types of visitors, such as what their clients are looking at, when competitors are visiting, and looking out for very specific companies that visit their website.

The minority, who are also the real winners from their use of data, take a viewpoint of: “These companies visited our website but didn’t make contact with us – we need to make our online presence better”.   These are the subscribers who use the full functionality of A1WebStats to gain more sales from their website visitors and get a stronger return on investment from their marketing that drives people to their website.


More benefits of companies tracking

Just click on the links below to see more benefits of companies tracking

Instant reporting and daily emails of visiting companies – as well as the daily emails you receive, you can see visiting companies in real time.  You can also get instant alerts when new companies visit your website.

History of company visits – see the full history of each visiting company, including what they looked at page by page on each visit to your website.

Returning companies email alerts – for companies of interest to you, get instant email alerts as soon as they return to your website.

Sharing companies data – you can add unlimited users to your A1WebStats account.  This allows more people to receive information about visiting companies.

Tagging companies – you can tag companies depending on your relationship with them.  For example: client, prospect, competitor, supplier.   You can also create your own tags.  You then use advanced filtering to create reports that include or exclude companies visiting your website, based on how you’ve tagged them.

Advanced filtering of company visitors – you may be only interested in companies who fit certain patterns of interest.  For example, from a certain country, who got to one website page, but not another, and who were or weren’t tagged in a certain way.  Advanced filtering allows you to do this.



Totally free for 30 days – with NO sales pitch

You will never be ‘sold to’ from anyone at A1WebStats.

We offer this to you, totally for free …

  1. You or one of your people sign up for the 30 day free trial.
  2. You get the tracking code installed on your website (it’s an easy 2 minute job).
  3. You start seeing details of companies that visited your website (including receiving a daily email showing you those companies).
  4. You use the tips and guidance we email you, showing you how to fully benefit from the companies-tracking part of the system.
  5. We offer you a call/screenshare during your 30 day free trial.  That’s totally focused on showing you how to fully benefit from the A1WebStats system.
  6. At the end of the trial you will decide whether it is useful to carry on with a paid subscription. If you do, the cost is £59 (roughly $78) per month and there is no contract (you can cancel at any time).
  7. If you don’t choose to continue after your free trial, we will thank you for taking the trial.

It’s worth mentioning again – the trial is purely there so that we can show you information about your website visitors that will benefit your business.  It’s not an excuse for us to sales pitch.


Next steps

If you are ready to start your free 30 day trial, fill in your details on our sign up page.

If you want to know more about how the A1WebStats system helps you to gain more sales from your website visitors, this page will help you.

If you want to gain more return on investment from your marketing (that drives people to your website) then this page will show you how the A1WebStats system helps you to achieve that.

If you have any other questions at all, please do contact us.