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Why do I see a low percentage of companies identified?

Using round numbers, every 100 visitors to your website will come from a range of sources.  Some of them (typically between 10-35%) will be identifiable as being from a company.

Let’s say that you had 100 visitors and our system identified 10 of them (10%) as being from identifiable companies.  What about the other 90?  Those other 90 could be any of the following:

  1. Company visitors who are set up in a way that they can’t be identified via their IP address (for example, a small engineering business running on a BT broadband connection).  This is quite common.
  2. People from companies who are using mobile devices to view your website, but those mobile devices aren’t connected to the company IT infrastructure (which means we can’t identify them).
  3. People from businesses who are visiting your website from at home (either during the day or evening).  This is quite common because people in business often don’t have time to do such research while at their workplace so do so when they are at home.
  4. Irrelevant traffic – you’d be surprised at how many businesses get irrelevant traffic (i.e. people who are never likely to buy) going to their websites.  Sometimes this is as a result of inefficient advertising, but there could be other reasons (for example, a blog has become popular, but it’s bringing in the wrong types of visitors).

What we always recommend during our 30 day free trial, or at any other time, is to ask us about your identified number of companies.  If the numbers are low then it’s usually related to one of the reasons above.