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The videos on this page focus specifically on the identification of companies that visit your website.

If you need any further assistance after viewing the videos, please do contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

How to use the Daily Organisations Email

The day after identifiable organisations have been to your website, you receive an email from A1WebStats.

This video focuses on what to do with the information in that email …

You can also download the spreadsheet attached to the daily email.

How to reach out to companies that visited your website

So you can see that identifiable companies have visited your website.


But how do you reach out to those companies?

Most of the reaching out methods are better explained in text than video, so first of all, please see this page of our website to gain several insights into how you can bridge the gap between a company name and the person you want to interact with.

That page includes reference to LinkedIn so you may be interested in the video below, which shows you how to connect to the LinkedIn page of a company visitor showing within A1WebStats, and then how to approach people within that company …


Get alerted by email when a company returns to your website

Do you want to be alerted by email as soon as a company returns to your website?   This video shows you how …


Tagging companies so that you can refine daily reports

Tagging companies that visit allows you to include or exclude tag types within your data.   For example, you may want to see just visitors tagged as ‘Prospect’ or may want to exclude visitors tagged as ‘Competitors’ or ‘Suppliers’.  You may also want to create your own named tags …


Filtering data to identify only certain types of company visitors

This video shows how to filter by only specific parameters related to the companies that have visited your website.   For example, you may only want to see companies from some countries and who visited certain pages …