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The value of unidentifiable

If you’ve seen our how it works page then you’ll know that it’s not possible to identify all companies that visit your website.

Many of our competitors don’t provide you with the website visitor patterns related to visitors that can’t be identified as a company.

THEY see no value.

WE see huge value.

Using round numbers, let’s look at a hypothetical 1,000 visitors to your website within a month …

  • 200 (20%) can be identified as companies.
  • 800 (80%) can’t be identified as companies.

Of the 800 (80%), you may only have seemingly useless information linked to the IP address of each visitor.  However, out of those 800, your data may show you that:

Some have clicked through from your email marketing activities.  You can see a guide on how to capitalise on these by clicking here.

Some are people that have contacted your business (either by phone or email/enquiry form).  You can capitalise on these by looking at this guide.

Some are people that you have contacted, and that may have been to your website during the contact.  You can gain more from that activity via this guide.

Some have been through specific paths of your website that, even though they can’t be identified as companies, would imply that the website visitor was from a company.  If no contact was made, then there’s benefit in digging deeper into the path they took through your product or service pages by following this guide.