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The upside of companies tracking

You’ve seen an identifiable company visit your website.

You can see what brought them to your website, what they looked at page by page, and whether they’d been to your website before.


You’ve got sales resource (internal or external) that are happy to go online/get on the phone and reach out to that company, hopefully getting through to the person who was actually on your website.

Your resource knows what the company looked at (page by page) and so can be well prepared for the discussion.

Dialogue happens and you gain something useful from the knowledge that a company visited your website (but didn’t make contact at the time).

This is the upside of tracking companies who visit your website.

Many businesses use A1WebStats in this way, but we would recommend spending some time on our guide to the downside of tracking companies, which includes:

  • They didn’t make contact for a reason that was valid to them.
  • Many companies can’t be tracked by company name.