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The downside of companies tracking

So … someone from an identifiable company has visited your website.

They’re not a competitor, a supplier, or irrelevant.  Ideally, they would have made contact with you.

You probably don’t know who the specific person was.

If they haven’t made contact then you have many options to try and reach out to them, as detailed in how to contact companies that visited your website.

However, it’s useful to ask yourself the question: “why didn’t they make contact?”.

In many cases, there are a couple of reasons why the person from that company hasn’t made contact with your business:

  1. They didn’t find enough on your website to keep their interest/something didn’t resonate with them.
  2. They’re early in their buying process (e.g. just researching options).

Most of the time, the first reason will be the problem and so it’s worth reinforcing the point in a more blunt way:

Your website was not good enough to ensure that they made contact with you.

It’s worth repeating that …

Your website was not good enough to ensure that they made contact with you.

Sorry, but it’s probably true.  And easy to prove.

Although we offer the functionality to identify companies who visit your website, we also firmly believe that the concept of chasing companies (who have visited) is insanity when compared to what makes sense.

Let’s say that you’ve identified 10 companies that visited your website, and they’re of interest to your business.  You could spend hours trying to link up with people within those companies and in just a few cases, you’ll have success.  That may lead to business for you.

But you won’t succeed with most of those 10 companies identified, because it’s just not that easy to bridge the gap between a company name and someone who actually wants to talk to you.  If they wanted to talk to you, they’d have made contact in the first place!

That time/resource spent chasing those 10 companies is time that could instead be spent on analysing the paths those companies took through the website, ultimately leading them to not make contact with you.

Spending that time will lead to website – and sometimes marketing – strengthening that ensures that future visitors from companies have more reasons to make contact.

And then there are all those visitors, who would have been from companies, but who were not identifiable, who you don’t even have the option to follow up with.

It’s more constructive to imagine taking away the knowledge that certain companies have visited your website and instead to focus on the products or services that you want more enquiries about.

Going back many years it wasn’t possible to identify visitors by their company name and back then the only option was to look at visitor patterns and make the website stronger in order to gain more enquiries.

If anything, the availability of ‘company names’ that have visited the website actually detracts from what really matters, which is to keep strengthening the website.

This is covered by many guides within our section I want more sales/enquiries for specific products or services.