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Tagging your current customers

Arguably, tagging your current customers is more important than tagging any other types of visitors to your website.


If you tag your current customers as ‘Client / Customer’ and set up a specific report to be emailed when your customers visit your website, then you may gain useful insights by viewing which pages of your website your customers were looking at.

Looking at this positively, they may be looking to buy more from you.

Looking at this negatively, there may be a competitor trying to poach that customer from you and your customer is double-checking whether you offer what the competitor is offering.

Any business that is monitoring how their current customers are using their website is a business that’s in a position to reach out to that customer if appropriate.

Alternatively, you may want to tag current customers so that you can exclude them from reports.  For example, you may want to see companies that visit your website each day, but you don’t want to see your current customers within the data.

This video shows you how to tag your current customers …

But what if you have customers that aren’t identifiable by their IP address?

You then need to be more creative in order to tag them as customers.