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It’s exciting isn’t it?  Being able to identify many of the companies that have visited your website, what led them to your website, and where they went page by page.

Some of our competitors make it out to be something amazing.

It’s not.

It’s just a small contribution towards a lot more that you could be doing to get the best from your website visitors.

But it helps, and with A1WebStats you can still do a lot with it.

You’ll see within this section of our website that there are numerous pages that are all focused on how to best-capitalise on the knowledge that companies have visited your website.

But where do you start?

This should help …


When you’ve identified companies visiting your website and want to then bridge the gap with people in those companies …

How to contact companies that visited your website
Methods to reach out to people in those companies.

How LinkedIn helps
Utilising LinkedIn to help bridge the gap

The upside of companies tracking
When you utilise companies tracking it gives you more information than you had before.  But it also has downsides.


Customising the reporting/data to your business requirements …

Customised email alerts
Get email alerts about specific types of company visitors delivered to anyone you want to.

Instant email alerts
Get an email alert as soon as a company comes back to your website (rather than waiting for the next day’s report).

Return visits
See the complete history of when companies visited in the past.

Editing company names
For when the data isn’t perfect but you know it’s a company who visited and want to edit the details in your version of the system.

Tagging visiting companies
Create fully-customisable tags and apply them to company visitors.  Clients, Prospects, Competitors, VIPs – whatever you want to call them, you can tag them and filter by those tags.

Excluding company types
Don’t want to see certain types of companies in your reports data? For example, competitors or suppliers?  You can exclude them.

Tagging your current customers
How to easily identify and tag your current customers so it’ll be clear when they return to the website in the future – even if they don’t have a clear IP address linked to their company name.


De-mystifying the ‘magic’ of tracking companies …

The downside of companies tracking
Although useful to track companies, you will limit the success of your business unless you think deeper.

How it works
The truth about how IP tracking is used to identify companies.

A simple test
How to prove that the vast majority of companies just aren’t trackable by us, or anyone else.

The value of unidentifiable
How to turn unidentifiable website visitors into something of value to you.

A1WebStats Competitors
You’re looking at other products and want to see how we’re similar and different to them.

A1WebStats vs Lead Forensics
The most recognisable brand is the one we’re most often compared to.