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Instant email alerts

You see that a company has visited your website.

They may be a prospect, a customer, or something else that is interesting enough for you (or someone else in your business) to want to know as soon as they come back to the website again.

Having identified a company of interest it’s really easy to be alerted each time they revisit your website.

Typically, email alerts are used when a visiting company could become a customer for you.  Here’s a typical scenario …

  1. Widgets Co have a prospect, ABC Corp, who have been to their website, and have previously expressed interest in the services available.
  2. Widgets Co set up an email alert so that Jane, will be alerted when ABC Corp revisit the website.
  3. ABC Corp revisit the website and Jane receives an email instantly. She clicks on the link in the email, logs into the account, and can see what the ABC Corp visitor looked at, page by page.
  4. Jane then rings the contact at ABC Corp, within an hour, just as a courtesy call.The contact at ABC Corp already has Widgets Co in mind, as they’ve recently been back to their website.
  5. The conversation is likely to be more fruitful on the same day that ABC Corp returned to the website, than if Widgets Co had waited until the next day to see that ABC Corp had been back to their website.  This is because Widgets Co are fresh in the mind of the person at ABC Corp.