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A1WebStats vs Lead Forensics

The most common question we hear is:

“What’s the difference between A1WebStats and Lead Forensics?”

It’s not surprising because Lead Forensics are very proactive in contacting numerous businesses and dazzling them with the apparent nirvana of business success, which is supposedly:

Knowing which companies visited your website.

Nirvana it’s not.

Not even close.

Having being dazzled with the apparent golden nuggets of seeing companies that visit the website, those businesses (you may be one of them) then research the market to see what alternatives there are.

In reality, the blinkered focus on companies visiting your website is fool’s gold.

In other words, such information LOOKS valuable but the reality can be quite different.

OK, get to the differences …

Regardless, there are many who want to know the difference between us and Lead Forensics (mainly), but also between us and other available systems.

Whether it’s Lead Forensics or anyone else, the huge difference between us and them is that, even though we provide the companies data, A1WebStats has a wealth of more detailed functionality that will help you gain more business from your website, than you’ll gain from chasing companies who visited you.

But what if you’re ONLY interested in identifying companies that went to your website?

What if, however much we try to educate the market, you are adamant that your time is better spent chasing companies (who visited your website), than spent on making your website good enough so that those companies CHOOSE to make contact with you in the first place?

One thing you’ll get to learn about A1WebStats is that we’re extremely transparent.  Here’s an example of that …

A1WebStats does not go into as much depth about visiting companies as Lead Forensics.

We don’t go heavily into company size, turnover, who works at the company etc.   We do provide a certain level of data where we’ve got it, as in the example below.

Details related to a visiting company

… but we don’t provide huge amounts of detail  about the companies that visited.

Most of our subscribers are aware of this and although they’d sometimes like that extra information provided by Lead Forensics, they are more than capable of finding out more information about the companies that visited them, and they value the keener pricing and additional functionality available within our system.

Our customers don’t need a gold-plated watch when a normal watch will give them the key information they’re interested in.

Our customers are typically more enquiring and intelligent as well – they know they can spend less on our product (than Lead Forensics) so that their budgets can be spent on making their websites stronger, and driving more traffic to those stronger websites.

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel that your mind is made up about something, and then something changes your decision?

Taking Lead Forensics as an example, you may have been previously unaware that such technology exists and you’re all ready to sign the 12 month contract with them.  At this point you haven’t fully tested whether the concept of ‘companies tracking’ is going to lead to strong new business for you (compared to the costs/commitment to contract).

Either independently or through advice of others, when you bring up the subject of Lead Forensics, you research alternatives.  At this stage you’re still primarily thinking about chasing companies that have visited your website.

Your try other products, some of which (like us) give you longer trial periods so that you have time to make a considered decision.   You keep Lead Forensics hanging on and they keep pushing you more for the sale (because they’ll know you’re considering others that don’t lock you into contracts, offer similar services, and in some cases (like us), also offer you a lot more for less cost).

You’ve gone from an initial thought of “this Lead Forensics system looks brilliant – I’ll buy” to “actually, there’s a lot more to consider here by taking my time to research the market in more depth”.

It’s like comparing headache medicine brands

To use an analogy on competitors, it’s like comparing headache medicine brands …

Wherever you are in the world, there will be headache medicine brands that are very visible.  For example, Nurofen, Advil, Tylenol, Anadin.

Lead Forensics are like those more recognisable headache medicine brands.  They tend to cost more and are very recognisable.

All competitors to Lead Forensics are like the lesser-known headache medicine brands.

From those other recognisable headache products with brand names all the way ‘down’ to own label products within supermarkets, many of them have one thing in common with the highly recognisable headache medicine brands (such as Nurofen, Advil, etc.):

They contain the same fundamental active ingredients.

Taking the UK for example, you can buy a supermarket brand packet of headache tablets for 25p or less, but pay £2+ for the big brand products that effectively have the same ingredients but have different packaging, gloss, and marketing.

Here’s an article that focuses on this within the UK.

The same fundamental active ingredient within IP tracking software companies (Lead Forensics, us, and others), is the ability to identify companies that visit websites.

The differences are in what’s added to that basic information, and how much that matters to you as a potential buyer.

Here’s one more thought …

Whether it’s A1WebStats, Lead Forensics, or others in the market, the identification of companies visiting your website could be perceived as solving a business headache – if you reach out to those companies, some of them will engage with you, and you’ll potentially increase revenues as a result.

Headache solved – for now.

When your pain (lack of enquiries/sales) is there again, you can follow up with more companies that have visited your website.

But wouldn’t it be better not to have the headache in the first place?   What if more companies (that visited your website) were enthused by what they find, so that they reach out to you, instead of you reaching out to them?  What impact would that have on your business?

Our view is that in business, the ‘quick wins’ are attractive (contact companies that have visited your website), BUT they only solve the headache for a short period of time.

The ‘slow wins’ are less attractive because they involve more thought and effort to make the website (and marketing to the website) more effective – but they help to avoid the headache happening in the first place.

For more information on what’s at the heart of A1WebStats, that helps to change your view on ‘business headaches’, please do look at our section all about getting more from your website visitors.

And if you’re still unsure about the difference between A1WebStats and Lead Forensics, then all you have to do is take our free no-sales-pitch-no-bullshit 30 day trial.