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A1WebStats Competitors

When comparing A1WebStats to others (that may initially appear to be competitors), it’s worth asking yourself an important question:

Is it more important for you to:

  1. Identify companies that visit uour website (and then attempt to contact them), or;
  2. For you to find constructive ways to ensure future visiting companies make contact in the first place?

Most people will answer A because it seems like a quick win.  If you can see which company visited your website, but they didn’t make contact, then the natural reaction is to try and reach out to them.

If you answered A then we’d welcome you to look at our downside page.  It’ll help you to understand why chasing companies who visited your website is a short-term fix but not a proper solution that will safeguard your business against competitors.

Did you look at that downside page?

Last chance – it’s important information …

Still focused on how A1WebStats compares to competitors?

If you’re on our website then it’s quite likely that you heard about other systems before you heard about A1WebStats.   Here are some of those:

  • CANDDi
  • Gator Leads
  • Lead Forensics
  • Ruler Analytics
  • Who is Visiting

You could call them competitors.

And they ARE competitors – but only in one way …

The common ground between A1WebStats and those you could refer to as competitors, is that we all do the following:

Identify companies/organisations that visit websites, showing data related to those visits, such as how they moved through the website page by page, and what brought them to the website.

Focusing purely on that aspect of functionality (identifying companies), there are further differences between systems.  Those differences are mainly cosmetic and whether you value those differences is purely personal choice.

The majority of you viewing this page will have been considering Lead Forensics and so may be interested in how we compare to them.

Whether it’s Lead Forensics or others that you’d like to compare us against, there really is only one definitive answer:

You need to try a few out.

Here are a few questions you may like to ask yourself:

Question: Do you want more business from your website?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ then trial A1WebStats and other products to see how we offer so much more.

Question: Do you want more visitors to proactively make contact with you?

We would assume the answer would be ‘Yes’, in which case the A1WebStats system can help to identify ways to strengthen enquiries.  However, if the answer is (inexplicably!) ‘No’ then you may be in the wrong job.

Question: Do you just need to know more than basic details about each company that visited your website?

If the answer is ‘No’ then your budget would go further with A1WebStats.

If the answer is ‘Yes’ (e.g. you want to see turnover, employee numbers, and more about companies that visited), then although it may cost you more, if that information is important to you, then you may prefer other products.