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Agencies – How white labelling A1WebStats solves pain for you and your clients

 Agencies bridge the gap to clients

Respecting your time

This page (and supporting pages) focuses on the many ways that white labelling A1WebStats will boost success for your agency and your customers.

There’s a choice of paths you can take, depending on how much time you have:

Quick self-inclusion or exclusion of your agency

More detail



Quick self-inclusion or exclusion of your agency

Only 1 in 14 agencies choose to engage with us.

The one gets more business for themselves and clients.

The other 13 don’t understand the benefits (and ultimately lose out).


Your agency will have pain points.  Pain points such as lack of new business, or losing clients to competitors.

Your clients will have pain points.   Pain points such as lack of enquiries and sales.


White labelling A1WebStats solves agency and client pain points by finding win-win opportunities within website visitors data, in ways that can’t be achieved with Google Analytics.

Those insights can be discovered within the websites of existing clients, or within the websites of potential clients.

The rest of this page focuses on how to solve those pain points.


If you have limited time and would prefer a call/screenshare to explore whether white labelling would be useful for your agency, just click on this link to have a quick demo of A1WebStats, plus discussion about how very cost-effective white labelling fits in with the needs of you and your clients:

If you have a bit more time, then the remainder of this page will help you to decide whether white labelling A1WebStats would benefit your clients and your agency.  You may also be interested in this link:

If you want to see practical applications of how your agency can gain new business by white labelling A1WebStats then this page will be useful:

If you really have no interest in boosting the success of your agency or your clients, that’s a shame, but thank you for reading.



More detail

Hubspot surveyed senior level people within 1,000 agencies.

The outcome was an insightful report focusing on agencies that listed their top three servicing offerings as shown below …

Hubspot agency service offerings

You can get access to the full report here, but before that, you may be wondering why A1WebStats are bringing this to your attention …


The biggest pain points of agencies

Two parts of the report focused on areas that white labelling A1WebStats can help you with.

Here’s the first …

Hubspot agency biggest pain points

We’ve highlighted (in red) four agency pain points that can be solved by white labelling A1WebStats.  Here’s how …


Finding new clients

Ask yourself the question: “How many businesses are actively looking for agency services, or are receptive to agencies trying to sell them those services?”.

Answer: not many!

Ask yourself another question: “What would give us a foot in the door with potential customers, leading onto us doing agency work for them?

The answer is: offering a bright shiny thing.

White labelling A1WebStats allows you to offer a bright shiny thing to future customers, at minimal cost to you, and no cost to them.

What’s the bright shiny thing that excites your clients?

It’s just one part of A1WebStats:  names of companies that visited their website, plus what they looked at page by page.

Here’s an example:

Google ads company example 1

Most businesses love that sort of information.

And here’s the bonus – while your future clients get that free data, you collect a ton of useful data about their website visitor patterns (in a way that is much more useful than Google Analytics).

You then turn that data (with our free help if you’d like it) into opportunities to gain agency business from those businesses.

If nothing else, you are going to build a bond with those businesses getting free information about companies visiting their websites and even if they wanted nothing more from you, there is the option for you to charge them a fee to keep receiving that information.


Moving on from bad fit clients

Bad fit clients need to be replaced by great new clients.

The answer to this is the same as above (Finding new clients).

When you’ve found those new clients you can dump the bad fit ones.


Hitting clients goals and expectations

You probably offer a range of services for clients.

But are you really impressing your clients?

Your clients don’t want web development, SEO, paid advertising, etc.

What they want is simpler than that: more enquiries and sales.

White labelled A1WebStats helps to evolve your relationship with clients.

It helps you to identify opportunities for improvement (with both websites and the ways they are marketed), with the data telling the story (instead of the client thinking you’re just trying to squeeze more money out of them).

Better than that, our (A1WebStats) people are ready to (confidentially) discuss any of your clients’ data with you, so that you can go to them with suggestions for improvement.

Those improvements lead to better results for the clients and a stronger relationship with you.

Happier clients spend more with you, the agency, and are more likely to refer you onto their contacts.

That’s all part of the white labelled A1WebStats service.

All you have to do is focus the client on what they want more of (e.g. more enquiries about a specific product or service), and then the A1WebStats system helps to uncover the answers.


Keeping existing clients

Who gets the call/email when clients are unhappy?

Their agency.

The clients will have pain points.

They’ll also have your competitors trying to take their business away from you.

Your clients are trying to find a reason to stay with you.

White labelling A1WebStats enables you to keep your clients, and build their loyalty (and onward referrals).

It allows you to give them more than other agencies are (assuming of course that those agencies aren’t white labelling A1WebStats!).


What prevents agency growth

White labelling A1WebStats will help your agency solve these challenges (highlighted in red) that hinder your growth …

Hubspot preventing agency growth

Need more sales and/or marketing

This is the same as Finding new clients.

There’s no point repeating the same message.


Unable to differentiate ourselves from other agencies

Most other agencies won’t be white labelling A1WebStats.

Most other agencies can’t provide the website visitors detailed insights that A1WebStats does.

A1WebStats helps to highlight opportunities for growth.

To differentiate from other agencies, white labelling A1WebStats is the answer that benefits you and your clients or potential clients.



It is too difficult to sell to new prospects

That’s because people don’t want to be sold your services.

Build a relationship with them first of all and then the selling of your main services will become a lot easier.

Give them free information (via white labelled A1WebStats) about companies that visit their website, and you’ll build the relationship you need.


Need to expand service offerings

Here’s the scenario:

Your client needs skills/expertise that you don’t offer within your agency.

You don’t want to lose them to another agency that has those skills/expertise.

You may be tempted to expand your service offerings.

But what if you had the ability to ‘do more’ with your clients existing levels of website traffic?

What if you were able to bring them more business, by utilising white labelled A1WebStats?

Their perception that they need other skills/expertise may well evaporate after you’ve impressed them.

For example, your client may want paid advertising services that your agency doesn’t offer …

Your response is to dig into their existing traffic patterns and identify problems that block enquiries/sales …

… and then you provide the solution, resulting in more enquiries/sales for your client.

End result: your client is less focused on the skills/expertise you don’t have, and have benefited from allowing you to help them focus on what they’ve already got (website visitors that don’t convert at a sufficient rate).


It’s time to stop the pain

Your clients want more business.

Your agency wants more business and customer loyalty.

Our objective is to help businesses to gain more results from their websites.

Agencies are in a position to focus client attention on important data patterns, using white labelled A1WebStats in a way that is far more advanced (but also much more accessible) than Google Analytics.

A1WebStats is the glue that stops the pain and starts the gain.


Next steps

We hope this choice of options to click on gives you what you need, but if not, please do contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

See our 6 business development tips for agencies

See the 7 ways that white labelled A1WebStats helps agencies to gain more business for clients and yourselves.

Book in a screenshare/call to get a demo of A1WebStats and discuss how it may work as a white label solution for your agency.

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