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Agencies – 7 ways you can gain more business for your clients

Your clients expect results from the services you provide.

The more you can help them get ROI from their online presence, the stronger your relationship will be.

Strong agency-client relationships lead to more work for you and recommendations onto future clients.

Right here, right now, you could be leaving a LOT of money on the table.

This is where A1WebStats can help as an agency white labelled solution that you can offer your clients.

In under 60 seconds, this video will summarise why …


Pop the kettle on, make a cuppa, maybe have a few biscuits and just watch through these 8 minutes that show you how a white labelled A1WebStats system can help your agency to help your clients in a mutually beneficial way.  The video has no audio – just bright yellow callouts, so feel free to pop some music on while viewing …

When you’ve viewed the video above, you’re probably interested in some specific details about how white labelling A1WebStats can actually create more business for your clients and for your agency.

But before that, we know what you’re thinking …

“How much does it cost?”

The good news is that you can try before you buy (see further down about dipping a toe in the water first).

The better news is that you can put white labelled A1WebStats on as many client websites as you want to, working within your allocated data allowance.

That data allowances provides 15,000 visitors spread throughout as many clients as you want to – for a total of £200 per month (and no contract).

Got 30 clients with up to 500 visitors each?

Or 15 clients with up to 1,000 visitors each?

You’ve likely got a complete mixture of clients with differing numbers of visitors per month.

However your client data levels are split, we give you up to 15,000 visitors per month to allocate however you want to.

Full details are on our costs page.

Now we’ve got that out of the way, before reading further you may be interested to find out more about how it helps your clients and how it helps you.  You may also be interested in new business generation for your agency.


Want to dip a toe in the water first?

Not many agencies want to go straight into a white label account.

Until now, you may not have experienced how A1WebStats can help businesses gain much more success from their websites.

That’s why we offer an easy way for you to dip a toe in the water first via our first steps to white labelling A1WebStats page.

That page takes you through how to set up one or more trial accounts on behalf of your client(s) so that you can absorb what the A1WebStats system provides … and then build up towards white labelling.

All totally for free and including our support to help you fully understand how the system helps you and your clients.

Onto the 7 ways.  In our view, reason 5 is the most important one …


The 7 ways you can gain more business for your clients


1 of 7 – Identifiable companies that visit your client websites

Many of your clients would capitalise on the knowledge that identifiable companies have been to their website, including what they looked at page by page and what brought them to the website.

If those companies hadn’t contacted them then they could take that information and try to reach out to those companies.

We have a whole section that focuses on different aspects of companies identification, but the pages that will probably interest you and your clients the most are:

Instant reporting and daily emails of visiting companies

History of previous visits from each company

Instant email alerts when companies return to the website

Adding unlimited users to receive visiting companies information

Tagging companies as types of visitors to then use within advanced filtering

Advanced filtering of company visitors to pull out specific subsets of data based on chosen parameters


2 of 7 – Gaining more sales of products or services

This is the big one and is at the heart of the A1WebStats system.

Yes, it’s useful to identify the names of companies that visited a website, but it would be better if the website itself was strengthened so that those visitors decided to make contact in the first place.

This is where you, the agency, really can help – and the A1WebStats system is there to help you to help your clients.


Our software tracks every single visitor to every single page.  This means that you can get very granular with the data so that you can focus on what is going to help your client.

We very much recommend saying this to your client:

Tell us just ONE product or service that you would like MORE enquiries about/sales of.

Then you can use your white labelled A1WebStats to analyse ALL visitors to that part of the website, out of which it will become clear where there are opportunities to make improvements.

Whether you’re interested in improving landing page conversions or you’re generally interested in gaining more results from visitors who get to specific product or services pages, we have the system that will help you cut through data noise and find the answers.

You are 100% guaranteed to identify ways that websites/marketing to those websites can be improved so that your clients gain more enquiries about/sales of specific products or services that they offer.

If you don’t believe that, then have a chat with us – we’ll show you how your clients data uncovers opportunities to strengthen websites and therefore gain more enquiries.


3 of 7 – Improving return on investment from Google Adwords

Whether you provide Google Adwords management, or whether it’s done by others, white labelled A1WebStats allows you to see:

  1. Every individual click from Adwords …
  2. … including the keyword phrase from the campaign …
  3. … and where each person moved page by page through the website

You can focus on key bounce problems.

You can focus on clicks that went to multiple pages.

You can use filters to identify Adwords clicks that got to or didn’t get to certain pages.

In short you can identify weaknesses in Adwords and the site itself through being able to get a granular view that can’t be gained elsewhere.

Not in Google Analytics.

Only in A1WebStats.

Using white labelled A1WebStats on behalf of your clients enables you to identify weaknesses within Adwords traffic AND find opportunities to make landing pages and follow on pages stronger.   All evidenced within the data.

It’s likely that you’ll need to make a tweak to Adwords so that we can see all the keyword phrases, but it’s simple.  This page shows you how to make that tweak and also contains videos on how to analyse visitor paths from Adwords clicks.


4 of 7 – Seeing beyond the click in email marketing

You or your clients send out email campaigns and can generally get a picture of who opened the emails and who clicked.

Wouldn’t it be more useful if you could analyse each email campaign, pick out those who looked at more than the landing page, including seeing what they looked at page by page after clicking, and then capitalise on that information?

It makes sense – people who click deeper after an email marketing campaign click are likely to be people who are easier to sell to.

With white labelled A1WebStats you can do this.

See more about the email marketing tracking functionality within A1WebStats.


5 of 7 – Following traffic from social media

While it’s useful to see what numbers of visitors are gained from social media activities, it’s more useful to see where those visitors went after clicking through to the website.

While it’s realistic to expect most social media clicks to go no further than the landing page, being able to see that data helps to influence how landing pages can be strengthened so that people go beyond the click.

Please see our ROI from marketing activity page to get insights into how you can track clicks from places such as Facebook, LinkedIn paid advertising, and more.



6 of 7 – Linking enquiries back to sources

Most businesses get incoming enquiries and do little to link them back to the sources.

At best they have a ‘feeling’ that a certain form of marketing is working (e.g. Google Adwords).

The reality is often quite different.

Our view is that your clients, and you as an agency, would benefit from having more insights into what led to the enquiries being gained.

Some types of enquiries are extremely easy to link back to the source of the visitor and their path through the website.  Enquiries from enquiry/contact forms would be one example because those people generally get to a ‘thanks’ type url that A1WebStats can track and create an automated report on.

Other types of enquiry methods (e.g. phone calls and emails) aren’t quite so easy to track but we have some methods within the A1WebStats system that do make it possible to gain insights into what led to each enquiry.

When you as an agency, or the client directly, focuses on linking enquiries back to their sources, there is a much more accurate picture of what works and what doesn’t.  This can lead to further work for you, the agency, when it’s clear that refinements would be beneficial.

More information on how enquiries tracking is beneficial can be seen within our section linking enquiries back to their sources.


7 of 7 – Capitalising on things you didn’t know about

Within most website visitors data there are gems that were previously undiscovered, or horror stories that needed to be uncovered.

An example of a horror story would be a business paying for listings within an online directory, being told that they are getting traffic, and then discovering that:

  1. The traffic rarely went further than their profile on the online directory (i.e. didn’t click to their website)
  2. For those who did click to their website, few of those visitors went further than the landing page, and very few of those visitors led to enquiries.

You can see more details about this subject within this page about online directories.

An example of a gem could be some blog postings that have a lot of incoming traffic.  Typically such blogs don’t get people clicking further than the landing page.

A1WebStats lets you easily identify clicks into blog pages and how each person navigated through the website thereafter.  Our blogs page gives you some insights into how blog page landers can evolve into being people who go further into the website.


We’re scratching the surface here

The 7 ways you can gain more business for your clients shown on this page are just scratching the surface of what can be done with the A1WebStats system.

One of our customers called A1WebStats ‘Google Analytics on steroids’, which was the perfect way to describe the system.

That’s because it allows incredibly in-depth analysis of all aspects of website traffic, unveiling opportunities and weaknesses that Google Analytics alone can’t provide.

Every one of your clients is different in the way they see data and how they will act on that knowledge.

But they should all share one desire:

To gain more business.

Their website (and the way it’s marketed) are there to help them get more business.

You, the agency, are in a position to help them.

We, the supplier of the white label offering are here to help you help them.

It’s time to look at the next steps …


Next steps

While you are welcome to get a white label setup and dive straight in (which you can do by completing the form on the page, you may want to look just below the form on that page for a part called:

If you haven’t used A1WebStats before and want to dip a toe in the water before committing further.

That advises you to choose a website that has 500+ visitors per month and sign up for a trial so that we can take you through how it all works in detail.  It doesn’t have to be your own website.  In fact, it’s probably better to be a client website as it’ll reinforce just how much useful information can be gained for clients.

And of course, we’re here to chat through the benefits of white labelling A1WebStats so please do contact us with any questions you may have.



We’re here to help you.

Although we have hundreds of end user accounts who use A1WebStats, each of those is charged higher than what we charge agencies.

That’s because we have to assist those end users directly (which is a cost to us), but we don’t directly interact with clients of agencies (because to them, we don’t exist – only your white label exists).

So it’s very much in our interest to help you, the agency, to fully understand how to get the best from your white labelled A1WebStats, so that you can help your clients.

When you know how to gain the best results from the system/data, then your clients will benefit.

When your clients benefit, they will pay you (not just for whatever you charge for access to the white label, but for your services that will help them to gain more from their websites).

If you get paid, we get paid.

So we spend as much time as you want, including looking at your client accounts, helping you to help them through filtering data in ways that show your clients what’s important, and also reminds them that you, the agency, can make changes that will help them.

To be honest, we have many agencies that we rarely hear from.  This is because we have invested the time in helping our agencies to fully utilise the power within the white labelled A1WebStats and they don’t need us for much.  But we’re still here whenever needed.

Got any questions?  Please do contact us and we’ll be happy to help.